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River: South Platte - Dream Stream

Kokes in the Stream?

Post By: hightide      Posted: 9/24/2022 7:59:49 PM     Points: 5    
Last year I took my grandkids to south park to catch the bright red fish in the river. They had a blast. When we were there, two different people told us we were late. Can anyone shed light on typical “beginning of the run” timeframe?
Thanks son much, abs have a great fall season everyone!
 Reply by: Jonny_two_shoes      Posted: 10/8/2022 8:57:38 PM     Points: 0
Was there today, bite was finicky but there still seem to be kokes up and down the stream. Biting red san juan worm and eggs. Good luck have fun, but definitely get out on the water early!!
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: 10/9/2022 1:27:42 PM     Points: 9978
The spawning run happens at different times every year.

I know when I hammer kokes in a river, I DO NOT post lots of pics, because then I will have to contend with more crowding.

For the best results, I go early and often until I find the run happening. Good luck, I know gas is expensive, but driving to the rivers is the best way to find thick schools of kokanee.
 Reply by: xavierk31      Posted: 10/10/2022 5:29:34 AM     Points: 6008
I‘ll echo all that was said. Fact is tho that once the kokes are up there they’re not leaving. Yes if you go late you’ll start to see some dead fishing drifting but more than likely you’ll still be able to hunt the live ones considering the water level and the clarity.
 Reply by: hightide      Posted: 10/13/2022 4:02:22 PM     Points: 5
Thank you all. I did just as you recommended, took the two grandsons up last weekend. They had a ball. Icing on the cake was running into a fellow fisherman on the bank that said he didn’t think very many were in the river, and then the 11 year old politely says, “well there are two right here that I’m trying to catch but I got a couple already if you’d like a try”.
I may have been even more proud of that than him catching his first fish!
Thanks again all and enjoy being outside!
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