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Lake: Eleven Mile Reservoir
Fish: Northern Pike

SpicyHombre meets The Mile

Post By: anglerwannabe      Posted: 9/19/2022 7:24:14 PM     Points: 71216    
Had the opportunity to fish with SpicyHombre and SpicyHombre jr yesterday and had a blast. Better yet, Spicy got introduced to why I love The Mile. When I go there I fish for ONE bite and yesterday Spicy got THE BITE.

It is FUN when you catch fish like this... we measured her at 34.5 inches and I'm gonna make a guess she weighed between 12 and 15 pounds

Those teeth are for REAL, if you notice she kept his lure

P.S. no stiff arm needed
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: Sep. 19, 8:15:17 PM     Points: 7391
Nice, that's a brute for sure and watch out for those teeth, yikes!
 Reply by: spicyhombre      Posted: Sep. 20, 9:49:23 AM     Points: 6649
Jim, that wasn't my swimbait. It had an old injury in the corner of its mouth. It was great to fish with you and glad we made some "last casts" to get this brute.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: Sep. 20, 10:39:12 AM     Points: 34970
Nice work guys!
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: Sep. 20, 4:53:54 PM     Points: 2564
One like that will sure make your day. I think that's actually a human finger hanging out of her mouth.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: Sep. 20, 6:01:12 PM     Points: 43914
Very nice pike Bill!
 Reply by: FXA0      Posted: Sep. 20, 7:24:29 PM     Points: 215
Nice pike!

"no stiff arm needed"
Different philosophies, I guess... But I have never seen a take on "cogito, ergo sum" (I think, therefore I am), that wasn't in the format of "I do X therefore I am." "I stiff arm, therefore I am" all the way for me! I don't stiff arm, therefore I am. Just don't sound right. Maybe I hold my arms close to my chest, therefore I am? That don't seem right either. :)

P.S., I'd say that was a half stiff arm.

P.P.S.: I bullchit, therefore I am. :)
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: Sep. 20, 9:27:05 PM     Points: 403
Beauty! Congrats! I hope to get out for some Pike Fishing over the next two months! 🎣🤙🍻
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Sep. 21, 7:33:52 AM     Points: 71216
Bill.. I think Barnacles is correct... it's someone's finger!

Linh - I'm more of a Veni Vidi Vici guy... I came, I saw, I watched Bill conquer The Beast

P.S. Is it really a stiff arm or semi stiff arm if the fish is long enough you have to hold the tail behind you? 😊
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: Sep. 21, 8:24:53 AM     Points: 776
Sweet fish! Well done gents
 Reply by: spicyhombre      Posted: Sep. 21, 10:26:26 AM     Points: 6649
For me the best part was when on the way home my son said he was glad we let it go. In the moment he saw pike tacos for weeks and even though we don't keep many fish he does love pike tacos. I have raised him to always release the big ones unless death is inevitable and it is good to see he gets it. He really wants to catch this pikes offspring for years to come.
 Reply by: Artsy      Posted: Sep. 21, 10:38:21 AM     Points: 321
I really love the fact that you guys threw it back. I throw them back for the same the young guys (my kids) can catch them someday.

Great job!
 Reply by: Troutbisquits      Posted: Sep. 22, 11:17:39 AM     Points: 2072
Nice fish! I still have not fished the mile, and have lived in this state my whole life... gonna have to change that soon!
 Reply by: FXA0      Posted: Sep. 22, 12:50:20 PM     Points: 215
"P.S. Is it really a stiff arm or semi stiff arm if the fish is long enough you have to hold the tail behind you?"

Both hands are actually forward of the torso. One of them them is petty far forward, hence the semi stiff arm. Anyhoo, my philosophy is that the only fish you don't stiff arm are the ones you can't (see examples below). Unfortunately, I have not landed a fish I can't stiff arm yet. :)
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Sep. 22, 12:55:12 PM     Points: 71216
the tarpon is beautiful and hopefully I'll check that off my bucket list in April.... your Muskie is 100% stiff armed 😊
 Reply by: FXA0      Posted: Sep. 22, 1:01:07 PM     Points: 215
That was the point. Stiff arm the muskie because you can. Don't stiff arm the tarpon because, you can't. :)

P.S.: I fought a 6' tarpon (length estimated by the guide) for over an hour some years ago, but I did not land it. I could not have taken it out anyway (due to the regulations). But that would have been a non-stiffarmable (not a real word) fish. :)

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