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Lake: Eleven Mile Reservoir
Fish: Common Carp

11 mile carp

Post By: Trailerman      Posted: 9/1/2022 8:14:45 PM     Points: 61    
Those of you who fish 11 mike regularly, I have a few questions. There are definitely carp in the lake, but I have heard they are incredibly spooky.

1. Do you catch any accidentally while trolling shallow?

2. Do you ever see any tailing carp?

3. I have been there a few times and I have seen some large ones in shallower bays, but I have never had the carp tackle. Do any of you ever catch carp there on purpose?

4. Is there pike predation on smaller carp?

Anyway, point of the post is to see if itís even worth it to try for a decent carp bite there.

Thanks and tight lines.
 Reply by: kottob      Posted: 9/2/2022 9:38:57 AM     Points: 235
I've seen large carp in the shallow bays as well. Tried fishing for them not far from the dam. Threw everything at them, never got their attention. They just swam by everything we threw at them.
I have heard people catching them on corn, but this was years ago.
IMO, there's better fishing for carp in other bodies of water. Generally if you're going to 11 Mile its not for carp.
Good luck
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 9/2/2022 10:00:49 AM     Points: 73185
Huge carp at the Mile! catching them is a different story, I've tried to get some of our carp guys to go but so far they have not.

Tom and Matt went after them with flies and did manage I think 1?

They're large and super spooky unlike when I go to JMart and I can pretty much scoop them with a net. I've seen them klooping at The Mile.. still spooky. lol

Here's a video form CPW that is pretty nice about catching them at The Mile

[log in for link]

 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: 9/2/2022 10:38:43 AM     Points: 61
Thank you gentleman. That video is cool. I think I will give it a go here soon. I usually fish a pack bait which works well on metro reservoirs but I have no idea if that will spark any interest at the Mile. Only one way to find out I guess. The trout will hit the pack bait too so hopefully it will be a multi species thing. Iíll bring the fly rod, but my casting is not up too par with the guys in the video.
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: 9/2/2022 1:51:03 PM     Points: 9228
Trailerman, what's a pack bait, Never heard of it?
 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: 9/2/2022 2:46:44 PM     Points: 61
A pack bait is a home made mixture of carp goodies that you pack around a treble hook or a device called a method feeder. Cast it out and let it hit bottom. Then the pack dissolves into a pile of bait with the hook in the middle. There a million recipes online and mine never seems to be the exact same except I always add corn. Itís not considered chumming because everything is attached to the hook when cast. But itís basically chumming.
 Reply by: spawnbags      Posted: 9/2/2022 4:58:58 PM     Points: 41
Try to look up doughballs for carp and make some of those they tend to work pretty well although I've never caught one there but seen many many big ones jumping up out of the water if they have a funny way of jumping just kind of like a straight up jump belly flop
 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: 9/2/2022 7:43:05 PM     Points: 61
Yeah the pack bait and the doughball are similar. Against my better judgement gonna try it out Labor Day. But hopefully fishing different areas than the crowds. Thank you for the insight!
 Reply by: Troutbisquits      Posted: 9/3/2022 8:50:50 AM     Points: 2507
11 Mile carp on the fly is one of my goals! I imagine they're pretty tricky there, probably takes several tries to figure them out. There's a lot of crayfish at the mile right? If you hit it just right when they're molting I bet crayfish flies would work real well.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 9/3/2022 10:35:52 AM     Points: 73185
^^^ you guys manage a carp at The Mile.. that's a video I'd like to see
 Reply by: MenFisher      Posted: 9/13/2022 9:32:19 AM     Points: 1198
There's a small shallow cove near North Shore Loop E in which I've seen a lot of carp. I've never caught one on purpose, but I did accidentally hook one's anus (ouch!) while reeling in my trout line. What a fight!
There's a guy who goes up to Eleven Mile to shoot carp with a bow & arrow from his canoe. He gets a lot of them. I don't know his name.
 Reply by: KevinB      Posted: 9/14/2022 3:14:54 PM     Points: 41
I've hooked into a few on my flyrod there. Always by accident. With the exception of one time, they head straight for the weeds and eventually get off. I did land one though and it was a monster.
 Reply by: zgcarp      Posted: 9/14/2022 3:18:13 PM     Points: 3930
I have fly fished for carp at 11 Mile over the years. I fish a 9wt rod, floating line with a 12' leader and 3x tippet. I have found that small black flies of various patterns work the best. I mostly site fish the flats in the northern end of the lake. I have caught tailers along the northwest shoreline. They are super spooky and some of the most challenging fish to take on the fly. The key is to figure out when they are not spawning as this is a complete waste of time!
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 9/14/2022 3:22:10 PM     Points: 73185
^^^ well done!
 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: 9/14/2022 4:24:24 PM     Points: 61
Very nice!!! I decided labor day wasnít best to try but trying to figure out a chance to get up there.

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