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Lake: Left Hand Reservoir - IPWA

Splake transplanted into Lefthand Reservoir

Post By: MOJO      Posted: 6/22/2022 2:50:02 PM     Points: 509    
Ran into a ranger today, hiking into Lefthand Res. They will be transplanting Splake in there this week, probably the first stocking since they introduced them quite a while back. Those did not survive the drawdowns but the Brookies did. This may be a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" but we'll see.
 Reply by: Doc      Posted: Jun. 22, 6:33:07 PM     Points: 310
I thought Splake were the only species in there.
 Reply by: hunter creek      Posted: Jun. 23, 11:03:12 AM     Points: 3509
I've fished Lefthand for 45 years. I've never seen anything but brookies and small rainbows come out of there.
 Reply by: MOJO      Posted: Jun. 23, 5:44:09 PM     Points: 509
There used to be Splake and Rainbows in there, two dam repairs ago which is roughly eight or nine years ago. The small pools that remained supported the Brookies.
 Reply by: Swigs      Posted: Jun. 24, 12:23:15 AM     Points: 149
Maybe they are simply trying to diversify the fishery for the anglers up there…who knows.
 Reply by: MOJO      Posted: Jun. 24, 7:08:57 AM     Points: 509
What I know is what the ranger told me... that they were hoping that draining killed the Brookies. The reason why a world class Brookie fishery would be treated like that, is the answer to the who knows question. If you look at NDtransplant's pix from the winter, it is clear that large trout are being naturally reproduced without much of a stunting or overpopulation problem.
 Reply by: Troutbisquits      Posted: Jun. 24, 7:38:55 AM     Points: 1401
Very cool! Maybe they will do well this time. Probably won't be catchable size for a few years though.
 Reply by: ND Transplant      Posted: Jun. 25, 7:21:09 AM     Points: 13201
Ya what MOJO said. I don't understand why they don't want world class brook trout fisheries up there. They are so fun to catch and I think the best trout to eat because they are of the Char family. Other lakes like Mitchell and Lost are what they should be encouraging culling to occur in for this species. I was going to fish Lefthand today from the tube but with the weather being crappy I think I'll try to hit it Wednesday and report back after that.
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