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Motors For Sale

Post By: Outdoor Addict      Posted: 6/20/2022 8:20:07 AM     Points: 24    
I have a couple trolling motors that I need to get out from behind the shed. Figured before I released them to the hounds on Craigslist or Marketplace I would throw them on here. Just looking to get rid of these things so make me an offer.

Johnson Sea-Horse 5 1/2 HP
This motor came on a boat I purchased more than 10 years ago. I ran it two times but my fishing style I just don't use the gas kicker ever. Took it off and put it behind the shed since.

Minn Kota pontoon 24v 60"
Power head has an open winding in it. Steering motor turns fine but power head needs replaced.

I honestly don't even know what price to throw on these things so if either interests you and you can pick them up in SW Loveland make me an offer.

Kyle (303)887-0365
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jun. 21, 8:15:07 PM     Points: 10158
The gas motor may be older,but the old Erude & Jhonston run great and can stand the test of time . . . . .that would make a nice kicker for a mid size boat or a great motor for a square stern canoe/small "V" hull.
 Reply by: Outdoor Addict      Posted: 8:20:23 AM     Points: 24
Well not even an offer at all. If anyone is in the Loveland area and can pick them up I would be willing to give them away to a new home.
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