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Bug Repellant

Post By: SirGreg88      Posted: 6/20/2022 7:07:48 AM     Points: 129    
For some reason I have blood that has always attracted every biting bug imaginable. Did my college stint in Gunnison where I literally had to throw down my rod and run like a maniac because they were feeding on me like a school of piranhas. Happened many many times. I really don't like using deet because it makes me feel yucky and I don't like breathing burning petroleum distillates either. Anybody have any simple concoctions that actually help.?
 Reply by: wetleg      Posted: Jun. 20, 7:53:38 AM     Points: 40
REPEL -lemon eucalyptus works for me. Deet free
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Jun. 20, 9:27:31 AM     Points: 11279
I have been using the repel in the red can for some time. Works fine for me without the deet.
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: Jun. 20, 11:05:47 AM     Points: 6311
I too attract mosquitoes, I use Bull Frog repellent and it has a SPF of 30, comes in a spray bottle.
 Reply by: ADub TT      Posted: Jun. 20, 8:57:00 PM     Points: 416
Skin so Soft is my go too with a coat or 2 of Banana Boat 50 SPF sunscreen, liberal coating of both early and I can go all day
 Reply by: ScottyK      Posted: Jun. 20, 9:19:45 PM     Points: 307
Long sleeves and pants.. lightweight stuff Habit brand works to keep cool and bite free
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jun. 21, 4:22:50 AM     Points: 129
Thanks for the tips so far. When in Gunny or North Park I get nailed right through clothing--unless I wear something thick and sweltering hot. They find any opening--typically my wrists get chomped. Deer flies I think is what they are. I kill em pretty easily with one swat because they're so busy getting drunk on my good stuff. Made the mistake of visiting in-laws on Lake of the Ozarks a few years ago. I was the only one to get destroyed by chiggers--my first experience with them. Tried everything under the sun to treat those infernal welts before using the only thing that worked- Calamine! Took 2 months before they stopped burning/itching but the red spots hung around longer than that..
 Reply by: FXA0      Posted: Jun. 21, 11:06:23 AM     Points: 196
Real men don't use bug repellent. They just stay home if there's really that many bugs. :)
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: Jun. 21, 11:49:57 AM     Points: 317
In the past I used Sunsect (Bug Spray/Sunscreen) and it worked to repel everything but deer flies! Since covid I havenít been able to find it and if I can they want a ridiculous price for it. Iíve tried a similar type by Avon called Skin so soft and works it okay but not like Sunsect did.I think Sunsect was originally made for the military?
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Jun. 21, 11:58:17 AM     Points: 2555
Bass Pro Shop has Sunsect, but only in store. Amazon?
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Jun. 22, 2:15:03 PM     Points: 11279
O man chiggers suck. I got them a couple years back. It took me a little bit to realize what they were. I kept fishing this spot and failed to put bug spray on a few times. Now I wonít fish that spot without spray.

Iíve tried a few different ones of the sunscreen/ bug sprays. I have yet to find one that worked for me. Might try the sunsect if I see it.
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: Jun. 26, 9:16:35 PM     Points: 317
Ski- Iíll have to check it out at bass pro when Iím on the front range! Iíve found it before online but since covid itís scarce and if you can find it itís outrageously priced! Thx for the info brother! Avs!!! 🎣🍻🤙
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: Jun. 26, 10:18:48 PM     Points: 206
I was up on the Mesa yesterday afternoon/evening, tried some new stuff that didn't work at all, my head and neck are really bumpy😂😂 I stick to the heavy deet. If you find something that works, let me know!
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 6:25:59 AM     Points: 129
I figured somebody would have shared a homemade recipe like 3 parts whiskey, 5 parts 7-Up, a dash of hippie lettuce and a garlic clove. Must be shaken not stirred. Drink rapidly next to a smoky campfire in the evening. 2 Alka Seltzers in the morning. Do not shower before heading out and be sure to work up a sweat as frequently as possible. throughout the day. If that doesn't work- repeat the next night -doubling the dosage and do not shower.. Don't brush your teeth either..

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