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Lake: Cherry Creek Reservoir

unhappy ramp boater

Post By: sylvan      Posted: 6/14/2022 1:48:10 PM     Points: 12821    
This morning while leaving CC a fisherman in a ZV21 and I pulled up to the dock at the same time. I retrieved my truck while the fisherman was tying down his boat and started loading my stuff. When he got back to the dock he and I started talking about fishing. Another boater left the dock just as we arrived. after about 5 minutes the ranger walked down and said she had a complaint that I was taking to long to load my one man inflatable pontoon the fisherman with the boat did not have his boat on the trailer yet but no complaint about him and there were three spots to load or unload a boat and of course no one waiting. Just someone who doesn't like anyone without a boat I guess. :(
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 6/14/2022 2:21:10 PM     Points: 10957
How dare you hold up the invisible boaters . . . .LOL
It just blows my mind when this kind of thing happens . . .just the other day a couple of jet skis were playing grab ass south of the no wake bouys on the south end of the main lake.I waved them down and explained what the bouys were . . . .guys took off and went straight into the no wake zone and put on a show for everyone on how to tear it up,where were the rangers? . . .I'd call the rangers,but by the time they launch their boat and come to look around . . .the shows over.A rangers boat tied up in the marina don't do much good.And please don't tell me to take a picture of them . . .there were only two jet skis on the whole lake!
 Reply by: JKaboom      Posted: 6/14/2022 3:06:50 PM     Points: 703
So silly and stupid...
 Reply by: RogBow      Posted: 6/14/2022 3:07:36 PM     Points: 2700
No offense but it is a little annoying when canoes, kayaks, and inflatables use the boat ramps. When I use my canoe etc., I try to avoid the ramps. I can see both sides of the issue. I understand no one was waiting so not sure what that's about.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 6/14/2022 4:46:24 PM     Points: 10957
RogBow . . .at places like C.C. there is no other place to launch a canoe,kayak or inflatable(unless your able to drag your non trailered device to the water) guys with non trailer devices pay to use the park and the parks many features . . .I see lots of people on both sides of this problem at all the lakes I fish,some have it down to an art . . .while others do all their prep in the ramp at the waters edge.I load and un load a boat in about 2-3 min and can back around most guys being rude.Tuesday morning at C.C. is a pretty slow traffic day at the boat ramp . . .even with school being out.
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