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Fish: Walleye

Lower water level fishing

Post By: Gurnman      Posted: 5/9/2022 10:51:32 PM     Points: 600    
Hey fishermen - im headed out to a front range lake this week that is a little low, looking to do some trolling for some walleye or at least a trout or two. Ive been studing my notes from the past and my fishing maps to hopefully speed up my learning curve (which is huge since ive only caught about a dozen walleye in my life). I was wondering if there are any suggestions for navigating lower water? Would you fish your favorite know locations even if they are only half as deep as normal, or would you start by fishing the depth range you normally fish but maybe just a little further out from shore? I know the structure below will change by moving deeper (im barely learning to work my sonar still). What about fishing a structure thats normally deeper than you'd normally think to fish because now its closer to your comfort zone?
 Reply by: ColoradoRay      Posted: 5/10/2022 11:27:22 PM     Points: 30846
I like to zig-zag along a shoreline hitting different depths and use my sonar to locate and find which depths I mark the most fish in. Then work those areas to see if the fish are active. Kind of a lot of trial and error. The walleyes I've been getting are setting pretty tight to the bottom. This time of year I have the most success trolling SLOW. About 1 mph. Trout will usually be up higher in the water column and like lures trolled a little faster.
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: 5/12/2022 12:36:50 PM     Points: 10423
^^^^ there’s some great advice right there. Fins up Allen. Whoop whoop.

From the sounds of it you are on the right track. I would start out in your normal depths that usually produce. Then move around to find the active fish.
 Reply by: Gurnman      Posted: 5/12/2022 4:40:33 PM     Points: 600
Thank you. I found the trout scattered all over. Didn't get a walleye to take it but im pretty sure i saw them on the sonar.
 Reply by: ColoradoRay      Posted: 5/13/2022 6:05:10 PM     Points: 30846
Now you have some reference information and an idea for a starting point on your next trip.
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