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Fish: White Bass

Night fishing white bass

Post By: Troutbisquits      Posted: 5/6/2022 10:51:20 PM     Points: 2330    
Four times in the past week or two I have been riding my bike to my local lake and trying trying for Walleye at night for about 1.5 hours after the kids go to bed , but so far I have only been catching White Bass. I have been using Dynamic HD Trout, Rapala Originals, Yo Zuris, and Gulp Minnows on a jig head.

Well I'll take it I guess. White bass sure are fun. The first pic was one I caught tonight on an HD trout, the second was from my last session on a gulp minnow.
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: 5/6/2022 11:37:34 PM     Points: 4414
First, a good recipe for whites. Those things are underrated for eating.

[log in for link]

If you're catching those in the dark, you're on a glory hole. Most fish are spooked by light, white bass go to a light like moths. Set a Coleman lantern on those rocks and you can rock their world. Put some foil on the back side of your lantern to reflect all the light on the water.

I have to drive 3 hours to catch one of those. If I could ride my bike to fishing, I'd just sell my truck.
 Reply by: Gurnman      Posted: 5/7/2022 1:13:26 PM     Points: 603
Oh man that recipe does sound delish! Ive never kept one, but i just might have to give it a taste now.
 Reply by: Troutbisquits      Posted: 5/7/2022 8:25:39 PM     Points: 2330
Thanks Barnacles! The fish I caught last night released his load on me... So I guess they are spawning. I might keep a couple and try that recipe when the spawn is over.
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: 5/8/2022 8:16:48 AM     Points: 4414
Thanks for that story, Troutbisquits. Can't stop laughing. Exactly what part of the fish are you grabbing?
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