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Fish: Cutthroat Trout

Whats the best place for Tiger Trout near boulder

Post By: Articharter      Posted: 4/30/2022 11:06:36 PM     Points: 0    
Hey, does anyone know where there are high population of tiger trout near bouder about an hour away. Maybe a place in estas ect. I want to get a tiger trout replica of one of my catches
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: 5/1/2022 7:04:11 AM     Points: 4097
Good morning.
The fishing maps feature at the top of the page is very handy for this.
After you click it, just select tiger trout for the species. You'll see several options in your area.

Also helpful to see the stocking info on each lake page (click on the fish & then go to lake details page) They just started putting these things in a lot of lakes the last few years, and they're still pretty small. Pick one with a longer history of stocking, and you might get something bigger for your replica. Also if you find one with a history of Master Angler awards, you can't miss. (also on each lake page)

Not my area, or I'd just tell you where to go. Maybe someone else up there can be more helpful, but the info on the site has never lied to me yet when I'm looking for something 😊 / Good luck.

 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: 5/1/2022 8:58:37 AM     Points: 71676
right next to the "fishing maps" tab is the "fish species" tab. Click it.. navigate to Tiger Trout and it will list waters with them in there
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