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Lake: Sheldon Lake (City Park)

Fish winter kill in Fort Collins.

Post By: rljb1      Posted: 3/28/2022 3:40:33 PM     Points: 1765    
The Fort Collins newspaper--The Coloradoan--had an article on Saturday on city park ponds in Fort Collins experiencing winter kill.

[log in for link]

The article mentions Sheldon Lake in City Park and the ponds in Troutman Park.

There was a report in from Jason S. about Stew Case Park having a winterkill. That pond often gets very low during the winter and I have seen fish winterkills there before. Troutman Park had a fish winterkill back in 2020.

Anyone else seeing this in other ponds in Fort Collins?

 Reply by: Matt      Posted: 3/28/2022 8:40:38 PM     Points: 95945
Thanks rljb1 - I've reported a few times on the low waters at North Sheilds east pond as well as Avery pond. I have not inspected them recently for signs of actual dead fish. Avery was so low it seems it might've been all ice this winter. I did see some signs of (fish) life last time I walked by the east pond of North Shields, but the sun wasn't out so too difficult to see clearly.
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