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Lake: Bear Creek Lake

In need of inline reels/ML rods for ice fishing

Post By: Kirk56      Posted: 2/16/2022 7:30:48 AM     Points: 69    
Last Thursday after fishing Bear Creek Res. I somehow managed to lose two rod cases holding all my ice rods (3) and three inline reels. None where really all that expensive but slowly acquired over a number of years. I certainly don't expect to recover these so.... maybe someone on this site might have extras or some less expensive inline reels that you tried but weren't for you or ML ice rods you would part with? I'm an old guy on fixed income and would appreciate a call if you have some extra spares you would part with. Would be happy to trade other fishing or camping stuff or pay a reasonable price. My lost items were mostly Eagle Claw reels and lower end off brand rods. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for your consideration. Kirk 56 at hm# 720 479 8471.
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Feb. 16, 4:18:08 PM     Points: 11452
Hey I have an in-line set up for you if you want it. The reel is not like the eagle claws reel but it does work. Let me know. How I can get it to ya. Im located out East.
 Reply by: Kirk56      Posted: Feb. 17, 7:17:05 AM     Points: 69
Gone Fishing Thank you for your very kind offer with regard to my inline reel request. By the picture shown I believe the reel pictured ( Clam?) is an enclosed model meaning that the drag can not be assisted with my right hand. Most folks that have tried these inline reels know they have very touchy (at best) drag systems. ( biggest draw back IMO) Personally, I really enjoy helping control these drag systems ( LH model BTW) with my right hand on the exterior side with my pinkie when fighting larger trout. Sorry if I sound picky but the Eagle Claw type open sided reels are simply what I'm familiar with and enjoy using. ( they might even be American made) I realize I likely may not be offered these type reels on this site and that's OK! Should be able to replace them on my own over time. Just thought it might be worth a try. I do have some cheaper small spinning reels that can fill in till then. Again, thank you all for your kindness and thoughts. And I can still hold out hope that I just might get a call.
 Reply by: phidoux      Posted: Feb. 17, 10:42:43 AM     Points: 8121
Wow just wow
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Feb. 17, 12:13:25 PM     Points: 11452
I guess wow is right. Canít say I didnít try.

Kirk I am well aware of the in line reels you speak of. I have been preaching about how much I love them for many years now. Shoot I almost have my whole Arsenal of ice rods changed over to them. They make running flouro line a lot easier.

The clam reel is a little different reel but works all the same but the rod is what makes this set up amazing but it is all good.

Good luck with the replacements. I would suggest the when looking for new reels try the 13 fish decent in-line reels. More bang for the buck then the eagle claws for about the same price. Also some tie downs for your rod lockers.
 Reply by: Kirk56      Posted: Feb. 18, 6:15:30 AM     Points: 69
Update on my help with equipment request. Jerry ( a member on this site) actually called me as I requested and kindly offered me two rods several days ago and I will hopefully meet with him later today to pay for one or both of these depending on whether I would use them on a regular basis. I learned at an early age to appreciate what you have but carefully consider whether you actually need what ask for. So I did my best to clarify what I was looking for. I'm not an unappreciative charity case as should be evident by my original posting.I simply would never accept anything as a hand out or something that may gather dust after a short period of time. So one syllable responses that might be perceived as snark are not really appreciated and may be perceived as less than intelligent contributions IMO. I Wow and Huh included.
 Reply by: team FMFO      Posted: Feb. 18, 7:13:51 AM     Points: 3345
^^^ WOW again.
 Reply by: Kirk56      Posted: Feb. 18, 3:16:40 PM     Points: 69
A big salute to Rascal after generously gifting me two nice ice rods.Passing it on myself, I have a number of older spinning reels in good working condition I will be happy to give anyone that would like them. If interested please post here and I'll get back to you ASAP.
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