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Lake: Antero Reservoir

Ice update

Post By: HepDawg69      Posted: 1/24/2022 12:28:55 PM     Points: 20    
Wondering how the ice is at Antero? Last I saw was some open water on the north end of the lake. Is that frozen now? What's the approximate ice thickness where you've drilled?

How's the fishing been this year? Wanting to take my grandpa to Antero, he hasn't been ice fishing in several years. Any info is appreciated.
 Reply by:      Posted: Jan. 24, 1:34:30 PM     Points: 22
Went last Thursday, ice was 15"+/-. Weather was way too nice for Antero. Fish were not interested. Not many people out there at all.
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Jan. 25, 5:23:18 PM     Points: 2569
Iím hearing the bite has been really slow at both Antero and 11-Mile. My guess is that folks donít want to put in the effort if they canít easily catch fish! Thatís OKÖthins out the crowds! Lol
 Reply by: Erothrock      Posted: Jan. 25, 7:50:17 PM     Points: 1395
I was there today. The lake appeared to be fully frozen. It's also under a good blanket of snow especially after the snowstorm today. No crampons needed! I also observed 15" where I drilled my holes. And as others have mentioned the bite was especially slow, a far cry from the action I normally see in my usual spot.
 Reply by: razorback      Posted: Feb. 8, 8:40:38 AM     Points: 175
I was out with my 75 year old dad this weekend frigid cold in the morning -30 and by 2 pm it warmed to 32 crazy weather swing bite was slow at the dam antero and eleven mile have fished better in shallow 5-10 fow in the pm hrs for me 4pm to dark using small jig tipped with wax worms managed a few 20Ē fish lots of people on the north side and at the dam we were fishing towards the middle away from people jigging did seem to matter attracted small bait fish and got the big boys interested good luck and tight lines ice was 15Ē everywhere we drilled
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