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Fish: Cutbow Trout

Took two HS boys out on the river!

Post By: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 11/11/2021 7:15:02 PM     Points: 239    
I don't think I would ever guide but I certainly enjoy taking people out to get into fish!! I've been doing that a lot lately, and have been thoroughly enjoying the excited look on someones face when they get into a good trout😁

Recently, I went out with two boys from High School and they drove all the way up to Glenwood from Denver. Both kids remind me of myself at that age active outdoors and in sports (although they are much more respectful at that age then I was LOL). We've done some fishing trips this year on different rivers and we always seem to have a good time out on the water!

Today's episode was no different as we hit some of the rivers here on the Western Slope and landed a big handful of FAT trout! Nice crisp fall weather, with plenty of sunshine and no wind! Couldn't ask for much better of a day! Hope you guys enjoy the action if you decide to check it out!

--One fun highlight being a fish that Cheyenne caught, we released it and it swam/jumped out of the water onto a rock😣😂

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 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 11/11/2021 7:15:33 PM     Points: 239
Some more shots of the day...
 Reply by: bharper      Posted: 11/11/2021 10:44:41 PM     Points: 359
Nice multi species day! 🎣👊🍻
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 11/12/2021 4:07:07 AM     Points: 138
You da man!! That river has some nice chunks in there. Great pics and vids as always. Keep em coming chief!
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 11/12/2021 8:17:04 AM     Points: 239

Thanks Harper! It really was nice to get into 4 species, although not sure if the last fish that Cole got was a cutthroat or a cutbow.
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 11/12/2021 8:18:42 AM     Points: 239

Haha appreciate that man! I went out again a few days later and slayed it too with "The Fishing Junky", rivers have been incredible💯🎣 Posting that next week
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