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Fish: Largemouth Bass

Lake Powell is open and fishing good

Post By: LastKast2010      Posted: 10/29/2021 4:00:10 PM     Points: 4361    
I went to Lake Powell last week and it was awesome. I launched out of the Bullfrog end of the lake and fished both up and down the lake. For me it was better up the lake towards Good Hope area. caught fish on everything, but spinnerbaits and topwater were best.
I used a 1/2 oz Pepper Jigs spinnerbait in shad pattern and of course my trusty Megabass POPMAX.
be carefull tho... driving from Blannding to the lake is closed and there is a major detour. I suggest going around through Moab.
 Reply by: eron      Posted: 10/29/2021 7:03:11 PM     Points: 1248
Good to hear... Always liked going to the pond in October. Haven't been in quite a few years. Glad you had some success!
 Reply by: Ryan      Posted: 10/29/2021 9:48:10 PM     Points: 2583
I think you mean go through Hanksville. Not much reason to go to the Halls side since there isnít a boat ramp accessible there.
 Reply by: LastKast2010      Posted: 11/1/2021 8:10:12 AM     Points: 4361
you can go through Blanding and you can drive over the Moki bypass. Its super gnarly and i wouldnt tow a boat over it....
we went through moab and down to Green River to Hanksville. Its a small detour and took about 45 min longer.
Fishing is well worth the detour.
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