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Fish: Cutthroat Trout

Indian Peaks Wilderness Cutthroat Trout

Post By: ND Transplant      Posted: 9/6/2021 11:13:12 AM     Points: 11868    
I have been fishing deep in the Indian Peaks Wilderness this summer and some of these unnamed lakes near the continental divide are well worth the hike if you're up for it. These fish and their colors are too good not to share with y'all. Tight lines!
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: 9/6/2021 11:41:23 AM     Points: 7380
Those are some beautiful cuts and they look really healthy. Thanks for posting.
 Reply by: Golfprogreg      Posted: 9/6/2021 12:32:39 PM     Points: 27
Beauties !!!
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 9/6/2021 12:48:30 PM     Points: 68413
Nice fish. Thanks for the all of the detailed lake updates!
 Reply by: MOJO      Posted: 9/6/2021 1:14:13 PM     Points: 506
Incredible colors! Well done.
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 9/6/2021 3:18:05 PM     Points: 241
Very nice!! Solid work man!
 Reply by: bron      Posted: 9/6/2021 6:07:52 PM     Points: 43732
Beauties! Well done and I really enjoy your reports. Keep the photos coming please.
 Reply by: ND Transplant      Posted: 9/7/2021 4:19:37 PM     Points: 11868
Thanks all! Me and my son just can't stop thinking about these fish from the weekend.
 Reply by: Banzai Jimmy      Posted: 9/7/2021 9:43:07 PM     Points: 9817
Just wanted to add another "thank you" for all the reports. I've been reading them since I haven't explored this area... yet! :)
 Reply by: jshanko      Posted: 9/8/2021 10:06:30 AM     Points: 12205
Well done Lance. Its great to see ya fishing with the boy, great memories for both of you.
 Reply by: randog      Posted: 9/30/2021 10:35:59 AM     Points: 1706
Well which lakes where are they?
 Reply by: ND Transplant      Posted: 9/30/2021 11:49:04 AM     Points: 11868
@Randog - weren't you just getting on me about "hotspotting"?
 Reply by: therealtrigster      Posted: 9/30/2021 5:00:36 PM     Points: 2185
What were they hitting?

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