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Lake: Redstone Park Pond

Redstone Park Pond is Closed

Post By: Mattastrophy      Posted: 7/12/2021 2:52:37 PM     Points: 1908    
I was doing some research for new waters and new species of fish in my area and I saw on this site the need for an update on Redstone Park Pond.

I decided to go and check it out.

As I arrived I saw the sign that stated that there is no fishing in this pond.

I was very disappointed because there was a lot of open areas to fish from including a fishing dock.

I wish they would allow fishing in there.

I even had a bunch of people asking what was in there as they saw we were carrying our fishing gear. Unfortunately, I had no answers for them.
 Reply by: shiverfix      Posted: 7/12/2021 2:54:09 PM     Points: 3900
Mattastrophy, thanks for checking that out. It looks like this is going to be a permanent change. I will update the lake page.
 Reply by: Banzai Jimmy      Posted: 7/12/2021 6:16:58 PM     Points: 9569
I noticed earlier this year on the Highlands Ranch fishing website that "Fishing at Redstone Pond is not available at this time."

Maybe it'll return at some point. Last time I visited (several years ago), there were a couple of dead catfish floating in it.
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