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Lake: Clear Creek Reservoir
Fish: Tiger Muskie

Tiger Musky from the Shore

Post By: Mattastrophy      Posted: 7/6/2021 12:27:40 PM     Points: 2196    
What a great way to end the Forth of July weekend.

Fishing with my dad I got into a Tiger Musky from the shore. Hit my lure hard and gave me a ride! Fun fish to catch.

Caught on a Brown Trout pattern Kastmaster.

17 Inch musky to bring a smile to my face!
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: 7/7/2021 2:59:00 PM     Points: 26940
Wow. Catching a MA Grayling and a TM all in one weekend. ! All I can say is you must have stepped in some 💩before heading out to fish that weekend! Iím jealous . Please , if you would. E mail me the GPS coordinates of that ď pileĒ . So I can roll in it before my next trip ! Nice job ! And congrats on both fish. 👍👍👍👍 THATí S gonna be one trip you wonít forget !
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 7/7/2021 3:13:43 PM     Points: 76778
Congratulations on the fish of 100,000 casts.
 Reply by: Mattastrophy      Posted: 7/7/2021 5:09:32 PM     Points: 2196
Thanks fellas! It was a great weekend! Fishing with both my dad and my brother for each and such great fish. The Musky was technically my biggest fish of the weekend but the Grayling was the most impressive one!

As the Musky goes, it just shows you perseverance pays off! The bite was slow and that day (Sunday) and we got rained on a bit too, but we kept having fun and it sure paid off!

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