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Lake: Dixon Reservoir

Help save the Dixon fishery

Post By: spinney      Posted: 6/26/2021 5:10:32 PM     Points: 72    
Before the lake drawn to fix the dam Dixon provide excellent fishing for Blue Gill, small largemouth bass, some large catfish and other warm water fish.
The draw down allowed aquatic weeds to flourish. The fishery has suffered,

Action is needed to get the Fort Collins natural resource department to address this problem, Please contact your representative to get support to address this problem, Without some action the fishery will not recover and Dixon will just be full of aquatic weeds. .
 Reply by: bluecollarguy      Posted: 6/26/2021 8:16:26 PM     Points: 48
Iím under the impression Dixon had heavy vegetation before the draw down? I can list a number of water bodies that have had aquatic vegetation eradicated and the fisheries went from lively and vibrant to barren bowls with fish turning mostly pelagic in nature. Not my idea of great places to fish.

Now obviously there is a balance but as someone chasing bass predominately, I enjoy pulling them out of slop! If youíre tossing Mepps spinners or fishing bait might be time to change tactics?

 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: 6/27/2021 7:31:51 PM     Points: 9248
Iíd be curious to drive up there the next time Iím in FOCO. Havenít hit that lake in a long time but it was always stacked with weeds. Thatís part of the reason the gills did soo well in there I think. They had so many options to hide from predators!
 Reply by: cmcnaught92      Posted: 6/28/2021 7:48:38 AM     Points: 68
As the others have said, Dixon always had lots of weeds, even before the drawdown. I would much prefer it that way over a lake with very little vegetation. Those weeds help provide cover, and promote forage growth. Switch to weedless lures.
 Reply by: nparker      Posted: 6/29/2021 1:32:38 PM     Points: 2329
I know of many lakes that employ Grass Carp to reduce the amounts of weeds. I believe that fish biologists are making these decisions in at least some of these lakes. I do know of one lake where the Grass Carp have eaten all the weeds. The only fish left are Bass, lots of them, and healthy. The Crappie that had lived there are gone. Maybe there was no place for the little Crappie to hide? I wonder where the little Bass hide? Other lakes have Grass Carp and other species. I suppose each lake is different?
 Reply by: elkskinner      Posted: 6/29/2021 9:17:59 PM     Points: 393
I have been fishing that lake for 45+ years. Always been lots of vegetation on the bottom, getting thicker as summer progresses. Grass carp, BIG carp, are in Dixon. Been there for decades.
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