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Lake: Lon Hagler Reservoir

Be careful or it will be lost

Post By: hunter creek      Posted: 6/26/2021 11:42:03 AM     Points: 3617    
In going to the the Hag yesterday a couple of big notations. The restrooms have been locked and closed until further notice. It was easy to see this coming as they had been abused to the point of no return. I did notice that a boy scout troop is taking responsibility in picking up trash and that may save the place from being closed permanently. I didn't notice the usual trash this trip so maybe there is hope. I would certainly hate to lose this place as it is such a rarity in present day Colo. No entry fees. How many places do you know like that? Oh, btw, the lake is totally full-- the fullest I've seen it in years and I did fish for awhile and catch some small bluegill.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 6/26/2021 10:54:17 PM     Points: 37332
In the next 5 years there will likely be very few or no SWA lakes left. They get so trashed, and are getting overused. As the leases expire, Iíd doubt they will be renewed.

Drug addicts, people that live in their old van, and those with no regard for nature seem to flock to those unregulated places. They will kill them for everyone.
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 6/27/2021 6:25:01 AM     Points: 73240
Not to say fishing people don't leave any trash behind but as stated above the hag is a favorite spot for the junkies to hang out and steal stuff from people's vehicles. If you've ever driven past the homeless encampment you'll notice all they do is trash it moved 20 yards up the river to the clean spot.
The scouts have been taking care of that area for quite a while. They also built and maintain the archery range.
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