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Lake: Pueblo Reservoir


Post By: tnhj      Posted: 6/19/2021 8:17:32 PM     Points: 54    
Pueblo has been excellent lately. This is the biggest smallie I've caught out of Pueblo in the past few decades so they are pretty rare. He did hit a plastic worm. After checking the state record he's about an inch and half short and about a pound under. He was 22 1/4, with the tail pinched 5.4lbs.
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: Jun. 19, 11:54:35 PM     Points: 846    
I'm trying to figure out a clever comment without using profanity. My eyes lit up just like the walleye in the background. That's one nice bronze-back.
 Reply by: sylvan      Posted: Jun. 20, 9:37:29 AM     Points: 11759    
he'll never be a state record!
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jun. 20, 10:41:48 AM     Points: 77    
Nice blimp!!!
 Reply by: 007      Posted: Jun. 21, 11:00:13 AM     Points: 80    
Great fish! Folks keeping big fat females is why it may be another decade before you catch one that big again!
 Reply by: devon234      Posted: Jun. 21, 12:12:05 PM     Points: 186    
seems kind of strange to keep a big smallie when you acknowledged that there isnt many in there. selective harvest is a great tool to use in fisheries. now if it got fatally hurt when you were catching it thats a different deal.
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: Jun. 21, 12:51:57 PM     Points: 724    
In this hand I have stones that I have collected over many years

In this hand I hit myself in the face with said stones

 Reply by: team FMFO      Posted: Jun. 21, 1:57:24 PM     Points: 3560    
Why is it on a plastic bag and not in the water ??? Plain stupid !!!👎
 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: Jun. 21, 4:34:29 PM     Points: 229    
The “holier than thou” crowd ate their wheaties this morning lol. Nice fish man!
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: Jun. 21, 4:41:53 PM     Points: 32780    
It's more like the "I actually give a $hi.. about the fishery" crowd..
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jun. 21, 5:04:52 PM     Points: 77    
Don't all fishermen like to show off their prizes? Hunters too? Nothing wrong with it!!! Keep posting the fish porn!!!!!
 Reply by: wingman13      Posted: Jun. 21, 6:04:44 PM     Points: 999    
Trailor & Sir Greg, Have to strongly disagree with your statements, and it has absolutely nothing to do with be " hollier than thou. Why did he keep it, to eat?? Odd, considering he has an excellent pile of eyes right behind the smallie. Yes, fishermen & hunters love to brag & show off there catch. Would say however, most hunters are not targeting a limited "sport" species, plus, as fishermen, we have the capability of releasing a true "diamond" safely to protect a heavily used fishery. Now, if the fish lost its life by fault of its own, like swallowing the hook deep, etc.. would understand that, sometimes we lose fish we wish we didn't, but the OP did not indicate that in his post. Nevertheless, its a beautiful fish tnhj! just disappointed it ended up on plastic & newspaper.
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: Jun. 21, 6:13:59 PM     Points: 846    
Anyone else notice this is the same guy that started the Spinney fish on the rocks thread? Either he enjoys getting people worked up, or doesn't give a flying flip what any of us think. Remarkable fish though. It's a healthy debate about what to do with her. Just be aware that your target audience is probably not listening.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jun. 21, 7:01:31 PM     Points: 77    
I never feel too bad about keeping the occasional monster rainbow or cuttbow because they don't naturally reproduce very well at all. Plus they only live 7-10 yrs max. I don't know about smallies. If they reproduce well, I see even less reason for the blowback.....................
 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: Jun. 21, 7:22:16 PM     Points: 229    
I wouldn’t have kept it, but I respect the right of the fisherman to do so. He’s within the regs. And so far at Pueblo this year in my experience the smallmouth are doing just fine. Hope she was delicious.
 Reply by: devon234      Posted: Jun. 21, 8:43:26 PM     Points: 186    
part of the problem with keeping a big smallie like that is taking good genes away from the population. smallies are not stocked anywhere and while pueblo is a good bass fishery its still irresponsible to keep a fish like that. smallies can live 20 years. in northern minnesota the big smallies up there are 20 years old so. that fish was probably younger than that but it could very well been 10 years old and it will take 10 years to replace that fish. i also just dont see why you want to keep it anyways. i have seen to many good fisheries get destroyed by people keeping big fish especially in high mountian lakes that are more fragile ecosystems.. if 8 out of ten people kept a 5 lb smallie that they caught there eventually it would damage the fishery. i dont understand the logic of some of these limits with bass. it makes no sense to have a 15 inch minimum when fish that size and bigger are the ones that make the population strong. 10 to 14 inch slot statewide would be best because there are alot more bass that size and you leave the bigger bass in the lake to reproduce and give someone a chance to catch it.
 Reply by: Coyute      Posted: Jun. 22, 9:41:20 AM     Points: 124    

"It's more like the "I actually give a $hi.. about the fishery" crowd.."
 Reply by: polarman      Posted: Jun. 22, 1:51:39 PM     Points: 0    
Agree, with Devon on this one. We own family cabins in Ontario, Canada. Lake is full of Smallies. We eat the 12-14" fish. Anything bigger gets thrown back. We are catching some up to 21 inches up there. Problem with Colorado its tough to catch a 15" legal smallie in Colorado that can be kept for table fare so there's more of a reason to keep it. IMO they eat just as good as walleye. All I can say is a cold brew, beer battered fish and listening to the loons on the lake. Doesn't get better than that.
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: Jun. 22, 2:38:38 PM     Points: 846    
Agree 100% on the slot limit suggestion. Typical slot for bass would be something like 14-20, where you can keep 5 under the slot and only one over the slot. It works, if you like catching 5 pounders all day & you still get to eat a few crunch fried fish at night. Everyone is happy. Wish we could try it here. Our 15" minimum really doesn't make much sense.
Also makes no sense that nobody is enforcing the laws that we have. I haven't had my fishing license checked in 20 years.
 Reply by: Digginjiggin      Posted: Jun. 22, 3:25:48 PM     Points: 339    
My opinion is that the op is a troll trying to get everyone’s panties in a wad. We seem to have at least one per year. I like the slots but IMO the CPW doesn’t care about fish management like a state, say, Minnesota where they check licenses and enforce slots. When we fish Pueblo, we routinely see undersized fish go in coolers and live wells. Calling OG results in a taped message and zero results. BTW, pretty sure that skinny walleye in the background won’t go 18”. In another state he would already be contacted by F&G. He’s laughing at us now. “Took the bait”, but most on here care about the quality of the resource, thus the debate.
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Jun. 22, 3:30:00 PM     Points: 2485    
Legal or not, it is a shame this fish wasn’t released to fight another day. Looking at the pictures, I wonder if the walleye in the background were of legal size? I know someone who fishes Pueblo walleye quite often, and catches very few “keepers” in relation to several fish that are undersized.
No matter, what was done is done, and I hope the OP will take this as a positive learning experience in the spirit intended.

 Reply by: Trailerman      Posted: Jun. 22, 5:48:48 PM     Points: 229    
I have seen people get tickets for undersized fish on the way off the lake for what it’s worth. I’m sure they don’t get them all but they do check. Tnjh may be the best troller on the forum ha!
 Reply by: devon234      Posted: Jun. 23, 8:40:40 AM     Points: 186    
polarman i wish i was living your life lol. i love it up there i would move there if the the winters weren't so sucky. plus you lake superior and its drainages so you would have the cold water fishing element too.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jun. 23, 11:50:51 AM     Points: 77    
Wingtip, Don't hunters aim for the A number 1? Don't they want the biggest and the baddest--with the nicest rack etc..........??. Come on now...... All those genes just down the tubes. Tisk tisk...........

People post great pics of their great harvest and all they get is a bunch of virtue signaling from Debbie Downer and her friends.............. Go to bed..
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: Jun. 23, 12:59:53 PM     Points: 32780    
Hunting and fishing are two different things.. there is no catch and release in hunting, just by the nature of it. But there are still ethics decisions at play such as not harvesting a female with young, etc.

The trophy with this fish could have easily been a quick picture before a release.. but it wasn’t.. no argument will bring it back to life.

Seems to me he had plenty of other fish for dinner that night without keeping that bass.
 Reply by: polarman      Posted: Jun. 23, 2:41:47 PM     Points: 0    
Devon, my life has not been very good up there lately, over the past two summers. The border has been closed due to Covid so we have not made it up there. Fishing has always been great but might be even better next time I get there with hardly no pressure.
 Reply by: devon234      Posted: Jun. 23, 3:59:15 PM     Points: 186    
sir gregg there are studies done by the texas parks and wildlife and universities that show when you take a big bass out of an ecosystem there is definitive evidence that it affects the fishery. i dont agree with trophy hunting either because you should hunt for food to put on the table not to prove you are the most bad ass thing on the planet. it is a tsk tisk because there wasn't any reason to keep it especially when he acknowledges that he hasnt caught one for a long time. its about appreciating the resource not destroying it.
 Reply by: wingman13      Posted: Jun. 24, 6:07:42 AM     Points: 999    
As mentioned before in other posts, hunting & fishing are different. Would think its fair to say the the #'s and population of healthy "trophy" game in Colorado: (elk,deer,bear,moose,pronghorn) is a lot greater than the population of "trophy" Smallies. As anglers, we have the capability of enjoying the catch, and releasing it to continue to grow. Shooting a trophy bull elk in the state is more common. (Which is an entire different conversation, as the #'s of hunters every year continue to rise, which I'm sure will reduce those populations too.) Plus, there's usually much more effort and time involved to hunt trophy game species, than it is to "luck" into catching a trophy fish. If you can't see the point many of us are trying to make, that in this case, it's better for the individual species & body of water, there really isn't anything else to say.

As I said earlier, congrats to the OP on a great fish!
 Reply by: WapitiStalker      Posted: Jun. 29, 2:09:43 PM     Points: 0    
Was thinking the same thing those walleye look too small and skinny! need some game wardens to start looking into this forum

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