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Lake: Boyd Lake

Left big fishing net at Boyd Wed night

Post By: clownfisher      Posted: 5/13/2021 2:21:45 PM     Points: 6    
I left a big black sliding handle fishing net on the bank at Boyd Lake last night on the north shore where the metal tube inlet water flows in. I left it next to a small sprig of a bush higher up on the bank.

Net has sentimental value
I don't expect to get it back but please contact me if you found it and want to return it. I'll be glad to come get it.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 5/13/2021 3:54:00 PM     Points: 10447
call the park office and let them know . . .
 Reply by: clownfisher      Posted: 5/13/2021 6:24:10 PM     Points: 6
I did that this morning after I went back and it wasn't there
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