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Lake: Eleven Mile Reservoir
Fish: Brown Trout

Caught the 11 Mile Unicorn!

Post By: anglerwannabe      Posted: 5/10/2021 8:44:00 AM     Points: 66898    
Yep I caught a unicorn at 11 Mile! Ok, so at least for me it is.. in all the time's fishing I have never once caught a brown trout there and finally managed to do so yesterday! He is between 22 and 24" long but SUPER skinny. Lucky if it weighed tween 3 and 3.5 lbs. Actually kind of surprised it was so thin.

Plus he did all the things I love about browns.. hit hard and then fought like crazy.. even in the net kept going crazy and as I got him out of net was still trying to kick a$$ going back into the water.

Still super excited as not only have never caught one, you just don't see pics of browns coming from that reservoir.
 Reply by: xavierk31      Posted: May. 10, 8:59:30 AM     Points: 1816    
I feel like the 11 mile unicorn is still a smallie, lol.
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: May. 10, 9:02:52 AM     Points: 1106    
That thing is shaped like a missile. If I catch one like that, I can live off adrenaline for a week. Pure fun.
 Reply by: GaltsGulch      Posted: May. 10, 9:13:30 AM     Points: 95    
good for you to get your first Mile Brown. I used to catch more and fatter browns there. indiscriminately killing off the pike at 11Mile is removing a key high protein food source for Brown Trout. fat browns I used to catch there were coughing up 4"-6" baby pike. not sure why anglers catch-and-kill Browns from some of the trophy pics I've seen from there lately, Brown Trout taste like mud.
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: May. 10, 10:01:23 AM     Points: 733    
Very nice! That thing may be part barracuda....
 Reply by: kiva      Posted: May. 10, 10:11:43 AM     Points: 129    
Congratulations! Definitely a rare catch at 11mile. Definitely a fish to take a lot of pride in! Thanks for sharing!
 Reply by: SpaceCarp      Posted: May. 10, 10:36:56 AM     Points: 3    
Yeah... I'd go with a smallie too. There are tons of browns in there.
 Reply by: Fisherman79      Posted: May. 10, 11:11:32 AM     Points: 614    
Nice fish.
 Reply by: D-Zilla      Posted: May. 10, 11:37:09 AM     Points: 2474    
I'm a terrible angler, and even I have caught browns there....Now the carp, and smallies.....THOSE are the unicorns to me. There are oddly, an absolute TON of MA carp in that lake, and they're SUPER spooky. Take a kayak or "quiet" boat up in the inlet end in June or so, and watch the bottom EXPLODE as they dart off.

I'd LOVE to get into those monsters. The small mouth would be pretty neat to see as well. I have heard they're in there, but never targeted or even had one as bycatch.

Pike, and the trout..all the time. Browns are in there, but they're not as common as the pike and cutbows/rainbows. In the last few years, I've caught at least a dozen, all smaller sized and thin like that one. Have yet to see a "healthy" brown, but would love to. I KNOW they're in there!~ Come to think of it, all the browns I've caught in South Park were on the thin side like that one. The ones I catch MUST be desperate!

I've seen the dead ones on the fishing report lately and they make me a little angry every time. One day I'll get a fatty from there though, and someone else will get the chance to catch it later!
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: May. 10, 12:56:19 PM     Points: 66898    
thanks guys!

xavierk and spacecarp - please see where I say, "Ok, so at least for ME it is" lol I've seen alleged pics of SMB there but have personally not witnessed it.

D - dude.. why you gotta hurt my lone feeling?? 🤣 Let me add.. I know some of the carp guys on here that are pretty good.. and I have challenged them to fish the carp at the Mile and so far only Tom and Mat have tried. I've never seen carp behave like they do at the Mile.. seriously skittish

I KNOW there are some giant browns in there. And normally if I'm near browns I do pretty good at getting them. But at the Mile I've literally caught thousands of Bows, cutbows and pike and this is my 1st brown from there. Most likely I'm not fishing an area they like to hang out in.

GG - dial me in man! I'd love to target browns there better
 Reply by: GaltsGulch      Posted: May. 10, 2:13:12 PM     Points: 95    
for those who want an MA Carp from the Mile, join up with the gang of Googans who go around the lake shooting them with bow and arrows in the shallows during their spawn. I saw those clowns literally shooting fish in a barrel and asked them "why not just use dynamite?". they didn't think dynamite would be "enough sport". lmao.
 Reply by: RogBow      Posted: May. 10, 2:19:27 PM     Points: 2392    
Is dynamite a legal method of take?
 Reply by: GaltsGulch      Posted: May. 10, 2:49:08 PM     Points: 95    
dynamite just gets you your pile of dead carp faster than shooting each carp individually with a bow and arrow when they are schooled up to spawn in the shallows. the latter appears to be legal, but neither is sporting :)
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: May. 10, 2:51:50 PM     Points: 33119    
They sure are a lot more fun than the usual rainbow! Nice work Jim!
 Reply by: GaltsGulch      Posted: May. 10, 3:09:26 PM     Points: 95    
your "fishing" guides to bag an MA Carp in South Park :)
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: May. 10, 3:34:11 PM     Points: 25806    
Unicorn ? Whereís the horn? And what about the dam rainbow? 🌈🦄 ! And D. Donít worry about hurting AWBs one and only feeling. Rumor has it
, thatís what this site was created for ! 🤣JK Jim . Like a trout to power bait , I just canít resist when it comes to giving you a little💩! Nice fish sir. And congratulations on crossing one off you bucket list!👍👍👍🎣.

And Galts Gulch . Iím not sure itís a good Idea to publish a picture of AWBs and Kev O s likeness without getting a consent form first. Copyright infringement law and such ! 🙄🤣
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: May. 10, 4:08:03 PM     Points: 733    
 Reply by: FXA0      Posted: May. 10, 4:37:11 PM     Points: 171    
Well done, Jim!
 Reply by: bron      Posted: May. 10, 6:17:22 PM     Points: 40576    
Way to go Jim!
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: May. 11, 8:32:57 AM     Points: 66898    
Smelly - I'm disappointed in you! By now you should know me well enough to know I would keep a trophy from my prize.. as you can see in the pic below... I got the horn AND the rainbow! 😁

BTW in GG's pic.. I'm the good lookin one
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: May. 11, 11:03:43 AM     Points: 25806    
LMAO 👍🤣 AllI can say is ď only you ď AWB. Only you ! !
 Reply by: Spikey      Posted: May. 12, 6:06:48 PM     Points: 295    
Nice brown. They are hard to come by there. I've caught only one as well, pic attached. I used to see them get snagged a lot back in the glory days of kokanee combat snagging in the late 80's. They are in there but darn tough to catch.

I'm one of those googans that loves lancing carp with a bow. Only bowhunters understand the challenge and fun of it. I haven't done it in Colorado yet, but plan to this year. Has anyone ever eaten carp? I'm thinking they might be good on a smoker? Everyone scoffs at them as trash fish here, but in Asia they are prized food. Us rednecks will eat anything once, carp, possum... you name it. BTW I released this brown for another day and it was a fat one.
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: May. 13, 6:55:23 AM     Points: 66898    
Thank you, beautiful colors on your brown.

As for bows and carp. If you were going to eat a carp, one from the Mile might be better than other places with the clean water from South Park.

The reservations people have here about bows and fish is we've seen the mass harvest of fish and there is no releasing them once shot with a bow. From there, most don't have issue with getting carp out of the water, the problem is we've seen far too many just take and throw them on the bank and leave them en mass.
 Reply by: Dav66      Posted: May. 16, 9:56:01 PM     Points: 0    
The reason for the distinct body may be due to the fact that the fish is a river german. I landed a replica of your fish on the DREAM STREAM many moons ago.
Nice job.
You never know what is going to be on the end of your line at The Mile. One must has to put in the time and at times some effort.
Tight line!
 Reply by: MenFisher      Posted: May. 17, 8:18:05 PM     Points: 1024    
I have caught only two browns in my 15 years at the Mile. I saw one smallmouth bass, but had no way to catch it. It was lingering just a few feet from my feet as I sat on a rock at Coyote Ridge. Spikey, the Vietnamese have a delicious carp soup made with, uh, carp, and lime, pineapple, fish sauce, and a couple of hard-to-get Asian vegetables. The meat falls off the bone, and the scales drift to the bottom of the pot. Tasty! But I don't know how to catch carp, and I have no bow'n'arrow to shoot one.
 Reply by: shiverfix      Posted: Jun. 5, 8:38:25 PM     Points: 3867    
Good to see you are still owning the mile!
 Reply by: RogBow      Posted: Jun. 5, 10:25:27 PM     Points: 2392    
You should see the carp wrangling they do when lakes are low. Shoot them all you want, it won't make even a scratch in the population.
 Reply by: Doug K      Posted: Jul. 23, 4:20:50 PM     Points: 51    
anglerwannabe said,
I've never seen carp behave like they do at the Mile.. seriously skittish

My theory is it's due to the clear water and abundant food.
Carp are always skittish but many times they are in muddy water, lets you sneak up on them close enough to get a fly nearby. In the clear water they know you're there as soon as you park the car..
Then the other way to sneak up on a carp, is when he's head down feeding. With all the food in 11mile they don't have to do much of that, so you hardly ever find them feeding.

I fish a gravel pond in Denver that has the biggest carp I've ever seen. Here too is clear water and abundant food, in ten years of trying I've caught three (3) carp there. Two on one red-letter day when I found them actually feeding, the only time I've seen them there on the feed. One took a nymph meant for smallmouth..
Otherwise they behave like 11mile carp, swim fast and nervously past you..
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Jul. 25, 2:39:51 PM     Points: 66898    
Doug K - nice comments.... I hear what you're saying about carp being skittish.. the thing I would add is... the carp at JMart do not seem to have that issue. They aren't skittish at all.

Shiv - good to hear from you and thank you!

Dav66 - cool stuff! thank you.

Menfisher - I'm not brave enough to try carp! lol

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