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Fish: Black Crappie

Happy Mother's Day

Post By: Barnacles      Posted: 5/9/2021 8:53:36 AM     Points: 2363    
Happy Mother's Day All. My mother is pushing 90, and still going. She was raised fishing with a cane pole in Wooley Swamp. Her favorite was crappie.
Nice cloud cover and light wind today, I think I'm going to go see if I can catch her a couple of fat fresh ones. She never believed in putting them in the freezer. She always complained I fish too much, but never complained when I brought her fresh crappie. I'm still about half-rotten and selfish, but thankful for all my parents tried to teach me in life.
 Reply by: kiva      Posted: 5/9/2021 9:39:34 AM     Points: 171
Wishing all motherís out there a wonderful day! Momís are special thatís for sure!
 Reply by: ScottyK      Posted: 5/9/2021 4:01:09 PM     Points: 306
I grew up on Highline Dr. in northglenn. Right across the street was the Highline canal. Every summer I would float my canoe down to Webster lake, fish till just before the street lights came on, and walk back up the bank of the canal with canoe in tow...this was in the late 80s and early 90s...times change... my mom didn't care for fish much but supported me in any thing I did...
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 5/10/2021 8:33:05 AM     Points: 1819
@ScottyK Highline canal - there were fish in that canal back in the 90s? They shut it off in the winter.... crawdads was the only thing living there, I thought...
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