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Pond hopping

Post By: phidoux      Posted: 5/3/2021 8:05:41 AM     Points: 6398    
Went pond hopping with our daughter and grandson this last weekend because I knew that there was no way we would get anywhere close to the water on the big lakes.
Me being me I set up a couple rods for cats and they did the lure thing.
Our grandson is a fishing fool and threw lure all day long and ended up with two bass and a very sore shoulder lol.
Our daughter was mid retrieve when on of my cat rods started dancing and called it to my attention and I told her to get it. She dropped her rod and asked if she should set the hook and I told her it was already hooked and just reel it in, I use circle hooks, and the fight was on with her saying omg this is a fighter I've never had anything try and take the pole away from me. She ended up with a 9# cat and she told me that now she knows I mainly fish for cats.
She ended up marking off channel cats and bass off her list of caught fish.
It was great to hear the laughter and see the smiles on both of their faces.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: May. 3, 8:23:45 AM     Points: 1816    
That sounds like a great outing. Good memories for you all.
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: May. 3, 3:03:22 PM     Points: 25144    
Laughter and smiles. That’s the real value of fishing ! It Truly isn’t about the fish.Way to go Mr Phidoux ! 🎣👍👍👍
 Reply by: Kenny Rukspin      Posted: May. 3, 3:58:12 PM     Points: 6478    
Thanks phidoux! I always enjoy these types of stories.
 Reply by: bron      Posted: May. 3, 6:16:11 PM     Points: 39235    
Well done Ray!
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: May. 3, 6:26:53 PM     Points: 2447    
Brought me back to when my son and daughter were younguns! Thanks for the reminding me how precious those memories can be!
Well done Sir, and congrats!
 Reply by: El Jefe      Posted: May. 3, 6:30:57 PM     Points: 392    
Memories of my fishing trips with relatives are precious.
Congratulations on your trip and wishing you many more!
 Reply by: Digginjiggin      Posted: May. 3, 6:39:08 PM     Points: 339    
WTG Grampa! My earliest memories of a big fish involve night fishing for cats with my brother and Grandpa on lakes such as John Martin, Bonny and Née Noshe. And Grandma taking em out of the skillet all steaming and Grandpa grinning from ear to ear. He would grab our belts when he handed us the pole of a biggun. Thanks for reviving those memories.

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