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Fish: Grass Carp

Grass carp fly fishing suggestions?

Post By: Troutbisquits      Posted: 4/21/2021 9:41:59 AM     Points: 1371    
I have a question for you folks out there as crazy as me. How in the heck do you catch Grass carp on the fly? I have had good success with commons, but grass carp are a whole different animal. For one they seem even more spooky than commons.

Im not looking for anyone to give up their secret spots. Just any suggestions on fly patterns to use, and techniques. I am fishing a 6wt for most my carp fishing. I have an 8wt also, but I have that set up with sinking line for throwing streamers.

 Reply by: RogBow      Posted: 4/21/2021 10:23:41 AM     Points: 2602
Grass carp are the elite carp. Not only do they look better you can smoke them if you want. Not bad.

The only time I caught one I put a bit of algae on the hook and moved it super slow just under the surface. All the others were any means salvage many years ago.

Poor man's bonefish.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 4/21/2021 12:23:26 PM     Points: 115
Anything that looks like a kernel of corn or a piece of hot dog. HAHA.
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: 4/21/2021 1:20:23 PM     Points: 26779
I really don’t qualify as a carp fly guy . But I’m gonna take a pot shot at a suggestion. Grass carp get their name because they grass .. The are vegetarians used mostly for weed control. They do eat some insects ( nymphs and worms). But mostly salad is their thing. So if not a small pheasant tail or a hare’s ear. How about tying up a grass green color San Juan Worm ? Just a suggestion .
 Reply by: Golfprogreg      Posted: 4/21/2021 4:13:44 PM     Points: 25
This may sound like a joke, but it is not. The fly pattern you seek is a “goose$!*” fly. I have witnessed this pattern work very well on grass carp in Las Vegas golf course ponds. Of course, it was fished as a “floater”... 😜👍

Tied by a Vegas BassPro employee, this pattern works wherever geese and grass carp come into close proximity. Besides, goose pellets are just largely recycled grass !!!
 Reply by: TADA32      Posted: 4/21/2021 4:36:59 PM     Points: 22200
different color foam works well. Cut them up into berry shapes. also flashabou has worked for me. Really varies how their mood is.
 Reply by: Nice guy      Posted: 4/22/2021 8:15:31 AM     Points: 0
I’ve used a size 14 or bigger pheasant tail pattern also a big hares ear work well!
they fight really well and are spooky. I still have a lot to learn about catching them and I use an 8 weight Rod.
 Reply by: Troutbisquits      Posted: 4/22/2021 4:13:27 PM     Points: 1371
Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Gonna give it a solid try this year. Hopefully I can have some success!
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: 4/23/2021 3:56:58 PM     Points: 26779
Good luck ! I kinda like TADAs idea. That’s really thinking “ outside the box “ TADA. Cool idea, well done. 👍
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