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Lake: DeWeese Reservoir

ANS Inspections at DeWeese

Post By: SPECTRE      Posted: 4/15/2021 12:20:50 PM     Points: 14087    
Can anyone tell me if there are ANS inspection hours for this body of water? Is it open to boating like some of the North Park lakes as soon as the ice is off?

Thanks ahead of time!
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: 4/15/2021 7:38:58 PM     Points: 23287
Last I knew there was no ANS inspections at Deweese. I have heard there have been boats on the water already this year.
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: 4/15/2021 9:49:59 PM     Points: 4468
I had my boat on DeWeese for a few hours last weekend. No sign of ANS inspections this year. All open water now. Not many boats, lot's of people fishing from shore.
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