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Fish: Smallmouth Bass

1st SMB 2021

Post By: anglerwannabe      Posted: 3/21/2021 6:24:04 AM     Points: 67044    
1st open water of the season and 1st SMB of the season. Hope you like it
 Reply by: jibber      Posted: Mar. 21, 7:19:50 AM     Points: 19178    
Nice smallmouth! We are on our way!
 Reply by: jibber      Posted: Mar. 21, 7:21:01 AM     Points: 19178    
Nice smallmouth! We are on our way!
 Reply by: Golfprogreg      Posted: Mar. 21, 7:56:36 AM     Points: 21    
Beauty! 👍
 Reply by: GoNe_FiShIn_11      Posted: Mar. 21, 8:00:32 AM     Points: 11473    
What a tank!!! Great way to start the season.
 Reply by: catfishking      Posted: Mar. 21, 8:14:21 AM     Points: 327    
Nice I was out there yesterday also the wind got really bad in the afternoon huge white caps but fishing was ok 4 species day
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Mar. 21, 10:39:04 AM     Points: 2508    
Well done Sir! Nice start to open-water season. Congrats!
 Reply by: Digginjiggin      Posted: Mar. 21, 10:44:42 AM     Points: 348    
Nice Chunk Jim. I also caught my first smb of the year on Friday, but no pic.(yours could have eaten mine, Lol) Let the games begin!
 Reply by: kiva      Posted: Mar. 21, 11:49:17 AM     Points: 129    
Congratulations. Great way to start the season!
 Reply by: ass bass or cash      Posted: Mar. 21, 1:22:34 PM     Points: 2234    
Beautiful Smallie!
 Reply by: RogBow      Posted: Mar. 21, 5:27:04 PM     Points: 2497    
Heck of a nice smb
 Reply by: cookster      Posted: Mar. 21, 6:19:41 PM     Points: 64860    
Nice One Jim.
 Reply by: SGM      Posted: Mar. 21, 9:13:59 PM     Points: 16909    
Nice chunk, great way to start the season.
 Reply by: dizzel      Posted: Mar. 21, 9:58:29 PM     Points: 24078    
Wow, nice bronzie man, love the war pig in its mouth for sure!
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Mar. 22, 5:42:25 AM     Points: 67044    
Thank you everyone! It was an awesome and fun surprise for sure. Dave that Gilly pattern war pig has been a winner.

This guy was literally right against the bank. With the water temps being pretty cold still, suspect he was just shallow getting warm. I cast to the spot and the water just exploded.
 Reply by: FishHuntNow      Posted: Mar. 22, 9:15:02 AM     Points: 1707    
That is a stud sir! I bet the fight was great.
 Reply by: Neyet Stalker      Posted: Mar. 22, 7:15:03 PM     Points: 11950    
 Reply by: jshanko      Posted: Mar. 23, 10:55:53 AM     Points: 10785    
Very nice, one fish still on my bucket list.
 Reply by: The Fishing Junky      Posted: Mar. 24, 5:42:40 AM     Points: 23    
Hell yea bro nice one! Freaking hawg !!
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Mar. 24, 7:23:50 AM     Points: 67044    
appreciate it guys!
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: Mar. 24, 2:39:18 PM     Points: 86    
I not only like it...I'm drooling🎣

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