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Panoptix Experience?

Post By: fishingBB      Posted: 2/22/2021 5:31:33 PM     Points: 57    
Hi all,
I just picked up a Garmin 73SV UHD. I am considering getting the ice fishing kit that includes the PS22 panoptix transducer, but it's a pretty hefty investment. I don't believe I want livescope, I just want to know that the fish are there and don't want to lug 20lbs of gear around with the bigger battery and black box. I was hoping someone had one or had used on and could tell me if they're effective for fish other than schooling fish like perch and bluegill. I love perch fishing, but there just aren't many good areas near Metro Denver that I know of, so I end up fishing for walleye and trout. I'm concerned that I won't be satisfied with it as I've read it can be hard to see fish along the bottom where trout and walleye would normally be. Anyone have any experience to share? I think I might get out once or twice more this year, so I may put of the purchase until next season and see if the ice kit goes on sale.
Any thoughts advice would be appreciated!
 Reply by: ParkerDude      Posted: Feb. 22, 6:40:02 PM     Points: 1206    
I use a 93SV and Panoptix, not livescope. I have a PS31 on my boat and a PS22 for ice. It's an interesting tool. I usually fish at least 40 feet deep jigging, usually 60 feet plus. The best thing is you can actually see the fish approach your jig. For suspended fish it works pretty well. The downsides are, at least at my depths, you cannot spin it around and look for fish to the side like you would think, that barely works.... if at all. The other downside is the bottom separation at larger depths isn't very good. When ice fishing I set up a Marcum and a PS22 side by side. I often see fish on my Marcum that do not show up on the PS22 unless the fish come up off the bottom. I would say you increase any dead zone you may already have on the bottom with 2D by an additional 12 to 18". So if fishing bottom hugging fish like lake trout it isn't the best. I'd be interested in what others say. Livescope seems to be quite a bit better with bottom separation according to a friends experience. When Ice fishing I mostly watch the Marcum, but will switch to the PS22 if a fish comes in suspended. It is interesting to see them come up when reeling them in, a really big fish can travel 20 or 30 feet to the side and you can easily see that.I should add I have a 55ah "extra" battery on my snowmobile, in 8 hours I may use 35% or so so about 20ah. They do chew up the little batteries pretty fast.
 Reply by: fishingBB      Posted: Feb. 22, 6:55:29 PM     Points: 57    
Thanks ParkerDude! Have you fished with it in shallow water? I'm usually between 8 and 25' for the fishing I normally do. I was hoping to reduce my hole drilling and have a better idea if fish are in the area.
The ice kit also comes with a normal ice transducer, by the sound of it, they figured you need one of those too!
 Reply by: ParkerDude      Posted: Feb. 22, 6:59:42 PM     Points: 1206    
I have never used it less than 35 feet, my guess is it would work considerably better. A few edits, my boat has a PS30, not a PS31. Also the 20ah includes running both the Marcum 7 and the PS22/93SV. I don't use any smaller batteries.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: Feb. 23, 8:01:16 AM     Points: 1816    
FishNHuntNow has all the options on his Panoptix - wait for him to give you full report.
 Reply by: Boynamedsous      Posted: Feb. 23, 8:05:02 AM     Points: 120    
I bought the 73 SV with Ice bundle panoptics this year. I love it. I have fished 60 to 70 FOW at Granby all the way to 8 FOW at Antero and 11 Mile. I agree that it is a little harder to get definition at depth, but in the shallows all the way to 30 feet it is a game changer. I had a Striker 4 before that I definitely appreciated for its compact size. This thin is heavy, but worth it in my opinion. I don't use the regular ice transducer that often, but one of my buddies I fish with really likes it so we set it up on a split screen. I also occasionally put the flasher on the split screen to try and learn how to recognize fish on it. I like the panning ability to identify structure or depths around me so when I move spots there is more of a strategy rather than randomly drilling holes. I agree that I have not used that feature to any effectiveness to find fish around me, although I have not been fishing for fish that typically school in large numbers. Hope this helps.
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