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River: Arkansas River Below Pueblo Reservoir


Post By: tnhj      Posted: 2/19/2021 7:47:47 PM     Points: 54    
I've tried it now twice in the past two weeks and its been pretty slow, hope it picks up. This is the first time I've fished it during this time of year so I haven't found any hot flies yet. It seems to be even tougher than the summer. I'm wondering why there are so many anglers. Today was the worst, I tried midges, san juan's, eggs and even tried stripping leeches. They didn't want anything, must be to cold. Anyone know what flies work this time of year?

After I was thinking about taking the boat out to do some jigging but it looks like the south shore will be iced up for at least another two weeks.
 Reply by: Flyguy44      Posted: Feb. 20, 4:12:22 PM     Points: 224    
If you are looking for info check out the Drift Fly Shop in Pueblo. Great folks and very knowledgeable about the tailwater.

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 Reply by: Steelhead      Posted: Feb. 20, 7:11:11 PM     Points: 465    
you are using all the right flies but you have to be dragging the bottom of the deepest runs and forget fishing on the weekends unless you are the first one there. high pressure days from to many fisherman and the fish run and hide. also try some blk or red midges and olive caddis larva.
 Reply by: Mr. Fly Fisherman      Posted: Feb. 20, 7:21:18 PM     Points: 157    
I donít fish it on the weekends because of the ridiculous crowds but I put quite a bit of time in during the week. The water is really low right now so the fish are concentrated in certain areas. I will fish one hole all day because there are so many fish in it. The fish arenít picky about fly selection. Iíve caught them on an assortment of midges, eggs, worms, leeches, and dries. They are picky on your presentation though. Keep changing your weight and depth. Donít be afraid to fish those deep slow featureless holes. They are often over looked by everyone else but hold nice fish. Hereís a few fish Iíve gotten into during my last couple of trips.
 Reply by: tnhj      Posted: Feb. 22, 12:41:47 AM     Points: 54    
Well the one thing I haven't tried yet is 6x maybe that's it. I didn't think they were that selective. I will have to try to find a midge that will eat. No luck yet with green and black so not sure what to try to tie up next. I did try down to size 24. I might have to try some emergers. Thanks
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