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Lake: DeWeese Reservoir
Fish: Rainbow Trout

Fishing the Dee

Post By: the-fishing-guy      Posted: 2/11/2021 6:16:32 AM     Points: 249    
My brother in law had invited me to go fish DeWeese with him yesterday but I had things to do so I didn't go but do I sure regret it.. He managed to land a 24in 6lb rainbow and lost a 30in + tiger... He said bite was steady and ice was 2ft..
I covered his face up just cuz....
 Reply by: Barnacles      Posted: 2/11/2021 9:15:36 AM     Points: 4466
That one would work well in FishHuntNow's jalepeno popper recipe. Good idea to cover his identity, so I don't know where to direct my jealous rage. I had to work. I've fished "the Dee" about 5 times this year. Haven't run into a steady bite, but always stumble into a few & they're all fat and healthy.
The wind ripping my house apart has scared me off the ice for the last week or so. I guess I better suit up and get back in the game.

 Reply by: the-fishing-guy      Posted: 2/11/2021 9:54:32 AM     Points: 249
Yeah he said it was sunny and calm.. There were just 2 other huts out there.. He said it was a good fight till the end.. Caught it on a kastmaster 13 FOW..
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