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Lake: Eleven Mile Reservoir
Fish: Yellow Perch

11 Mile Perch?

Post By: Wreckstar      Posted: 1/28/2021 1:21:37 PM     Points: 4796    
My buddy just sent me some pictures of 2 Perch he caught at 11 mile today. I hear about someone catching 1 every so often, but he caught 2 and they looked pretty decent. Are the Perch in 11 Mile making a comeback or something, or did my buddy just have a lucky day?
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 1/28/2021 1:40:44 PM     Points: 315
lol IDK but when me and my group went back in December, that's all we caught 😂😃
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: 1/28/2021 4:49:06 PM     Points: 73195
There in there. Fingers crossed they are left in there to make a come back. Be nice to go to south park for something other than trout.
 Reply by: Mer Z      Posted: 1/28/2021 6:46:37 PM     Points: 50
So I didn't pull one up, but the other morning at Witchers near the rocks I swear I was getting little nibble bites.

didn't feel like antsy trout, felt like a bluegill more than anything but with more investigation, I am thinking it was a perch

going to hit the same spot with some smaller hook sizes before the winter ends to see if I can ice a good size guy
 Reply by: Dehfly      Posted: 1/31/2021 7:24:19 AM     Points: 0
They have been in there for. Yrs. Lots of yrs.moo
 Reply by: FishHuntNow      Posted: 2/2/2021 12:18:36 PM     Points: 1709
As someone that has fished 11 Mile a good amount over the last 4 years. I can definitely say there are bigger perch then the 4 inchers seen in some recent videos. I've caught them up to 11 inches, so no jumbos but it's possible. I have mostly caught them between 20 to 30 feet of water. if you're going out there mostly for them i'd focus on those depths.
 Reply by: oparker      Posted: 2/4/2021 5:12:56 PM     Points: 90
I've fished there for around 20+ years and have caught pearch here and there over the years but was never a sure thing. Until recent years have I zeroed in on spots that produce time and time again. A good spot that I know of is between suckers cove and and lazy boy(more towards lazy boy) and look for the crack of rocks in hill and just start close and slowly work your way out to deeper water. Have never caught anything of size 2 to maybe 5in, more smaller then bigger. Just a place to fish when trout aren't biting.
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