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Lake: Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes latest?

Post By: Screwbird33      Posted: 1/22/2021 3:06:03 PM     Points: 1015    
Heading up to the Twins in the morning with my son - I'm an avid fisherman and have been on this site for a few years and appreciate all the posts and info. This will be my first time icing Twin Lakes. Anybody here been up there recently - would appreciate the latest conditions and success stories. Thanks!
 Reply by: Screwbird33      Posted: 1/22/2021 3:50:25 PM     Points: 1015
Nevermind - I just renewed my subscription and found a recent update. If any of you are up there in the morning look us up. Red Eskimo tent - two 6" 5" guys... tight lines! Good to be back!
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: 1/22/2021 8:28:55 PM     Points: 9118
I was there Tuesday, only saw one big laker in 7' of water, just as we arrived at 7:15 am. Ice is 13.5" at Dexter Point. I didn't get any deeper than 22', and we left at noon to wash the skunk off at Clear Creeek Reservoir. Got some stockers there!

I heard of an ATV going through the ice very close to the dam in one of the channels back there, experienced fishermen. This was Tuesday or Wednesday. My suggestion would be to try out the steep and deep south shore of the lake. It's a bit of a hike.
 Reply by: Screwbird33      Posted: 1/23/2021 3:16:51 AM     Points: 1015
Thanks MF - appreciate it!
 Reply by: Spikey      Posted: 1/23/2021 3:37:30 PM     Points: 357
I was there 6 days ago. Only fished 3-4 hours from 6-50 fow. Only marked 2 fish on finder, no bites, skunked. Ranger checking licenses on a snowmobile said only a couple people had landed some small fish. Ice was 15".
 Reply by: wingman13      Posted: 1/23/2021 5:26:30 PM     Points: 736
Much snow on the ice??
 Reply by: FishHuntNow      Posted: 1/25/2021 7:41:20 AM     Points: 1709
The ONLY stuff that worked for me in the last two days was a 3.5inch tube in rainbow trout pattern. Fish it in 35 to 40 feet.
 Reply by: Screwbird33      Posted: 1/25/2021 8:54:24 AM     Points: 1015
Thanks everyone - we ended up going to Antero instead. Still want to ice the Twins this season tho.
 Reply by: Spikey      Posted: 1/29/2021 6:44:03 PM     Points: 357
There is a very slick 20 ft rim of slanted ice around the edge. Had to crawl on hand and knees to get across it. I guess the water level must be slowly dropping? Out in the middle was 1" of snow with a few clear spots. This was 2 weeks ago, might be more snow now.
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