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Lake: Island Lake (Grand Mesa)
Fish: Brook Trout

The Mesa is gorgeous, good fishing

Post By: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 1/12/2021 2:29:18 PM     Points: 239    
Took my buddy Coach Tanner up to Grand Mesa fairly recently and we went to Island Lake...Island lake is the largest lake on the Mesa and arguably the most known about as well. It's also that time of year up there where lots of slush on the ice is common, always fun managing that😃

Lots of different trout species in this fishery, with white sucker too. We showed up for first light and found some pretty finicky fish. By 7:30-800 the bite really picked up and we landed a big handful of brook trout and rainbow trout. Even then the trout were being sort of picky. Switching between live bait and soft plastics did the trick though! Once the sun hit the ice, the bite died off really hard and marks became less and less. We still got a few more by tossing on the swedish pimple but nothing like the morning!

Grand Mesa is so beautiful during sunrise/sunset. Got some really nice drone shots of the area once the sun was creeping up!
Hope you all enjoy!

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 Reply by: CoachK      Posted: 1/12/2021 3:36:36 PM     Points: 143
Live bait? No splake?
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: 1/12/2021 3:52:20 PM     Points: 7380
Well you did it again, another great video and success catching some nice fish. There is a lot of possibilities on the Mesa and you seem to know about a lot of the lakes and what type of fish are in them. Do you keep a journal for reference of the trips and results?
 Reply by: kiva      Posted: 1/12/2021 6:35:41 PM     Points: 195
Iíve learned a lot about this area of the state by watching your videos.
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 1/12/2021 6:56:41 PM     Points: 239

Waxworms and mealworms, after I rewatched the video I certainly got one or two splake and didn't realize it at the time, they were the tiny ones and I just got them back in quick.
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 1/12/2021 6:59:02 PM     Points: 239
--not too old to fish

Thanks man! I was really happy with how this came out, I feel my drone shots come out best on those sunrise shots. Certainly A LOT of possibilities, pretty much every trout species in the state is available up there besides Lakers, goldent trout, and Greenbacks. I sort of do but I wouldn't consider it a journal. I leave pretty general notes on a running spreadsheet but thats more to keep track of everything with the channel. Doing this youtube channel sort of acts as a journal in itself i guess haha.
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 1/12/2021 9:26:53 PM     Points: 239

Sorry Kiva, didn't realize I didn't respond to you! I'm glad that you're learning stuff from my videos. Always nice to hear, we try and provide some good info from time to time haha.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 1/13/2021 10:10:09 AM     Points: 138
I have a deal for ya. I will trade you my creaky joints, poor extremity circulation, rapidly thinning hair, the 35 years I have on you, my $ overhead, my wife and a 20 yr old Buick Century for your youthful exuberance and enthusiasm. Deal?
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: 1/13/2021 10:40:37 AM     Points: 1819
 Reply by: Wmdunker      Posted: 1/13/2021 12:17:59 PM     Points: 441
Enjoyed the video as always. Island Lake is a consistent producer for me through the ice, especially the morning bite. I have never fished iit in the late afternoon though, so who knows, it might be better.
 Reply by: CoachK      Posted: 1/13/2021 2:29:49 PM     Points: 143
Oh Ok. Scared me there. I have never thought of mealies as "live bait".
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 1/13/2021 8:32:40 PM     Points: 239

😂😂😂 I already have the rapidly thinning hair, that's why i'm always wearing a hat or something on my head to cover it. Sam wouldn't appreciate me grabbing a wife while dating her either lol. This literally made me laugh out loud, thanks for commenting that😂😂
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 1/13/2021 8:33:45 PM     Points: 239

I agree, the morning bite is always the best for us as well...We've done some fishing there over the years in the afternoon and it's very slow and finicky compared to the morning. We haven't done an evening bite there either. Next ice season we're going to be camping on the ice a lot. Hopefully will try it then.
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 1/13/2021 8:34:57 PM     Points: 239

Haha I know the rules don't worry😃 My uncles give me crap too for calling it live bait, they're from Minnesota so live bait to them is minnows, shiners, etc. I just figured since it's bait and it's alive to call it that haha, sorry for the confusion!!

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