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Lake: Eleven Mile Reservoir
Fish: Rainbow Trout

Tried 11 Mile yesterday, for only the 2nd time ever.

Post By: Fishinbud      Posted: 12/29/2020 12:06:48 PM     Points: 0    
11 Mile is a lake that I’d only tried fishing once before, as I’ve preferred to target Antero and Spinney in the past instead. We got to the lake around 8:30, saw some folks fishing over by Lazy Boy and Rocking Chair, but we opted to try the Howbert Point area instead, and were set up fishing by around 9.

I Immediately got bit by a nice chunky 18” bow on a jig/crawler, but then nothing for more than an hour, where I landed another clone on a 2 1/2” Gulp Minnow.

Over the next 6 1/2 hours, we only had 4 more bites, landing 2 more decent bows, while also losing one at the hole, and a triggered jaw-jacker that didn’t hook up. So, it was ‘t too bad of a day overall, considering a later start, with enough to fill the smoker, but nothing to write home about either.

The only negatives, were the drive to and fro from Highway 24 to the parking lot, as well as the LONG drive home. What is the deal with the 1-3’ wide, and 6” deep game of “Dodge the POTHOLE”, from Highway 24, all the way to the lake?! I was just glad that I wasn’t taking that poor excuse for a “road”, in the dark. The last 6 miles of filling-jarring washer-board gravel road, wasn’t much better. Having such crap roads, with several ill placed “Road Hazard” signs is pathetically laughable, especially for such a popular body of water. With the snow and slow traffic on 24 and Hwy 285, I learned 2 things from the day with the 3 hour drive home. NEVER go fishing in that area when snow is forecast, and to also wait at least 2 days before fishing after a cold front.

There were probably at least 30-40 others fishing around us, and we did not see anyone else land a fish, nor any hooting/hollering from any tent dwellers in out area either. I’m curious to hear how the fishing was around the rest of the lake, as well as the conditions of the roads to get there. I’m HOPING that it’s better than what we experienced, or else I’ll be looking elsewhere in the future. Ah, and to anyone in the road department, “Fix the dam roads!!!”. Take care, tight lines, and best of luck! - Fisinbud
 Reply by: Fishinbud      Posted: 12/29/2020 12:36:18 PM     Points: 0    
Okay, I give up, how do you rotate pics on this site (even though they were right side up when taken, but do not post that way here) ? Thank you.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: 12/29/2020 1:26:31 PM     Points: 74    
That's why they call it the Skunk Mile. High risk, many dead hours, possibly high reward. Now with the added crater sized pothole dodging to make it complete!
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