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Lake: Lake San Cristobal

Lake San Cristobal???

Post By: yard dogs      Posted: 12/15/2020 12:56:02 PM     Points: 677    
Does anyone ever get up to this lake?? Talk about a dead zone on FXR.... I want to try and ice it this year, but seems to be a tough place to find any info one...
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 12/15/2020 1:25:34 PM     Points: 10447
YD . . . .been here for a few years and don't remember much if anything about that lake . . .keep us informed.
 Reply by: GSOutfitters      Posted: 12/15/2020 2:29:33 PM     Points: 415
It is frozen. There was an article in last week's Gunnison newspaper about people ice skating up there.
The best Lake City/local source of info would probably be The Sportsman tackle shop in Lake City
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: 12/15/2020 3:22:40 PM     Points: 677
GSO strikes again! Thank you sir. I will contact them.

Do you guys ever get up there?
 Reply by: River_FlyFisher      Posted: 12/15/2020 5:49:27 PM     Points: 3110
Back in the 80's, it was the best kept Lake Trout secret in the state. Unfortunately, mine tailing runoff killed the aquatic vegetation in the lake, and the ecosystem collapsed, so the fish eventually followed. By the early 90's, it was a dead zone. (I have personal, first-hand knowledge of this, but it was kept pretty hush-hush, and I'm not inclined to share further details.)

In part due to some of my efforts, the area was cleaned up by the EPA, and the lake is much, much cleaner than it was before. It holds a good population of various Trout, but to the best of my knowledge, Lakers have not ever been stocked in there again.
 Reply by: Walleye Guy      Posted: 12/15/2020 6:22:44 PM     Points: 157
Whey aren't the mine owners required to monitor and clean up their messes?
 Reply by: yard dogs      Posted: 12/16/2020 8:37:17 AM     Points: 677
River - wow man, that is some info. I have not heard that, but I do know they are still catching some lakers up there. Now I really need to find more info....
 Reply by: dblendc      Posted: 12/16/2020 1:37:13 PM     Points: 187
I caught lakers there 2 summers ago. Never have iced it.
 Reply by: the-fishing-guy      Posted: 2/16/2021 9:23:33 PM     Points: 249
Any one know if theirs a big population of lakers here??
 Reply by: Wmdunker      Posted: 2/17/2021 6:37:14 AM     Points: 445
In reply to mine owners being required to clean up their messes. They are now, but you must realize that most of the mines in the watershed draining to Lake San Cristobal have been inactive for over 100 years and the owners are long gone. Most of the original patented mining claims have been converted to residential properties for vacation homes and cabins. There is a program by the EPA to try to stop the drainage from the old mines, but there are vast numbers of them along with huge piles of mine waste that leaches acid and metals into the streams and lakes. It is no simple matter to clean it up and it is fabulously expensive. This is all being done at tax payer expense and that means it is dependent on the Federal budget cycle and we all know what a mess that is.
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