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Ice fishing, auger

Post By: Fishycolo      Posted: 11/21/2020 12:30:15 AM     Points: 6    
Hello fellow fisherman, here to give a free gas ice auger. To anyone whom is on a budget or beginner. I have a 10 in. chipper blade gas auger, but needs a fuel tank with cap it starts and runs. If interested email mail me at
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Nov. 21, 2:05:39 PM     Points: 8260    
message sent . . .check your email box,please.
 Reply by: phidoux      Posted: Nov. 22, 8:54:37 AM     Points: 6141    
Might have gone to spam too.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Nov. 22, 10:16:36 AM     Points: 8260    
phidoux . . . .we got it.
 Reply by: Fishycolo      Posted: Nov. 24, 8:40:12 AM     Points: 6    
Already taken.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Nov. 24, 1:33:49 PM     Points: 8260    
On its way to the HP beginners ice fishing winter giveaway package.
 Reply by: Fishycolo      Posted: Nov. 24, 8:22:29 PM     Points: 6    
I was a pleasure to meeting you H/P, like to see the lucky winner to use the auger to good use.
 Reply by: FishHuntNow      Posted: Nov. 24, 8:29:43 PM     Points: 437    
Glad you gave it a good home. :D