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Lake: John Martin Reservoir

Contact info for bait shop at John Martin

Post By: albacore      Posted: 10/9/2020 5:05:31 PM     Points: 96    
Anyone have the phone number for the bait shop in Hasty by John Martin Reservoir. Any help is appreciated.
 Reply by: phidoux      Posted: 10/9/2020 6:01:50 PM     Points: 6348    
(719) 580-5111 real helpful folks.
 Reply by: albacore      Posted: 10/9/2020 6:07:00 PM     Points: 96    
Thanks for your help!
 Reply by: FastLayne      Posted: 10/9/2020 9:04:56 PM     Points: 4670    
This number is also good - (719) 580-0153
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