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Lake: Cherry Creek Reservoir
Fish: Walleye

cherry creek eye....

Post By: TeamGR3      Posted: 10/3/2020 5:09:12 PM     Points: 1549    
Took my dog for his first boat ride with my wife, and the dog loved it, fished for an hour, hooked 5 eyes, all 15 inches or so, had fun jigging...
 Reply by: fom      Posted: 10/3/2020 5:55:33 PM     Points: 6717    
Good job team !!
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: 10/3/2020 6:09:38 PM     Points: 42    
Nice work! Hoping to get into some good eyes this fall!!
 Reply by: TeamGR3      Posted: 10/3/2020 6:11:50 PM     Points: 1549    
@ FOM, I saw a guy catch a wally 28"s on your hump using our favorite lure...
 Reply by: fom      Posted: 10/4/2020 6:30:31 AM     Points: 6717    
Buddy that was Mike , he and I have been out a lot lately , he sent me pictures yesterday , truly a nice eye he caught and released !

 Reply by: bharper      Posted: 10/4/2020 12:35:49 PM     Points: 232    
Nice! 🎣👊🍻
 Reply by: fishman1      Posted: 10/4/2020 8:35:05 PM     Points: 20980    
TeamGR3, I live up north pretty close to Boyd Lake. What do you jig with this time of year?

 Reply by: TeamGR3      Posted: 10/4/2020 10:03:42 PM     Points: 1549    
@ fishman1 --- white jiggs 1/4 ounce, 2", hope that helps, I am a simple fisher dude
 Reply by: fishman1      Posted: 10/5/2020 11:58:35 AM     Points: 20980    
Thanks for the help!