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Tomorrow evening fishjng

Post By: cspishock      Posted: 9/16/2020 5:54:55 PM     Points: 3900    
Hey everyone. I am looking for a suggestion for tomorrow evening. I do have access to a 16ft bass boat to use. I can also fish from shore. I will have from 1pm till around midnight. Any suggestions? I am in the metro area but willing to travel a bit. I am open to catching pretty much anything and can adjust between bait, lure and trolling.

Thanks in advance!!

Not trying to find someone’s honey hole and I am a contributing member!!! I did 3 lake updates today!!!

If you are more comfortable emailing me at I am good with that as well

Thanks everyone.
 Reply by: chodeman      Posted: Sep. 16, 9:56:51 PM     Points: 905    
Not living in the metro anymore, there are many a days that I wish I could evening/night fish Carter. dam I miss the walleyes up there! That would be my suggestion, but midweek late season at Aurora was always fun too.