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Metro Area Lake Hopping

Post By: cspishock      Posted: 9/16/2020 3:19:36 PM     Points: 3900    
Hey everyone,

I was lucky enough to get a day off to do some lake hopping. I debated heading northeast to Jumbo, Jackson and Barr. I decided not too due to water conditions.

I hit 4 metro area lakes with my new rod setups and I was very please with my new rod/reel combos. I bought two Shimano Catana 4000 reels at a super good price online. The guys at discount are awesome and spooled em up for me with some 10lb. I put one reel on a 7ft Sellus shimano rod. I put the other on a 6.6ft Sojourn rod. Both did very well casting various lures and I am very pleased. I have not bought new setups for over was a nice change.

The lakes I hit were:
Chatfield Gravel Ponds:
The big pond is always full of paddle boarders and they start early. I was there at 6am and the rental truck was already filling inflatables and prepping. The pond was full of boarders by 8. All good I fished two of the other ponds and caught several perch and greenies.
Johnson Res (Clement Park)
Lake is super low as per usual this time of year. The aerators are on and working strong. Super hard to get good casts in when this lake is so low. Nothing seen moving or rising and nothing caught so I moved on.
Fairview Res. (Trailmark Park)
Water is pretty low and the aerators are working. I caught a few small
Perch and the lake is very fishable. The shoreline is exposed so it is very easy to walk around and get away from the trees. Tons of carp stirring up mud and close to shore.
South Platte Park Ponds
I fished three of the four ponds. The water is still very clear which is also normal for these River fed deep ponds. I had no luck here but it was nice to get out and throw some lures.

 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: Sep. 16, 4:19:52 PM     Points: 24252    
Sounds like a fun day. 10 years without a new setup ? Man that is some DEDICATION ! Didnít you know that rods and reels ď expire ď after 5 years ? Least thatís the BS I keep trying to feed my wife . Not successfully , I might add. You ought to do the reports under each lake. That way you get points for them. They earn you entries in the winter raffle. Or can be redeemed for a free year FXR + subscription. Once you get enough of them
 Reply by: cspishock      Posted: Sep. 16, 4:50:05 PM     Points: 3900    
Thanks Smelly,
I plan on submitting the updates just wanted to get a quick post in. Honestly I have been using my old gear forever because I have not had the extra $$$ to buy any. I fortunately have been doing alright during this whole Covid deal due to overtime and too much work!! lol

I hope this post helps some people out and gives them some info on a couple of lakes.
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: Sep. 16, 5:22:28 PM     Points: 24252    
Good deal. Hey . A quick Question . What weight are your rods and what are you using them for ? If you throwing med , med light spinning . And fishing 1/8 to 3/8 oz lures . You might consider spooling one reel with a good 6 # mono like trilene Xl on you next respool. You will get longer casts , better action , and better feel. As long as your drag is set correctly, you can land some big fish on 6#. And I would say that 6 # is just about right for 90 % of the fishing we do out here. There are times for heavier. But when I fished with strictly mono. I seldom felt ď under gunned ď using 6 # . And I caught some respectable fish with it . Maybe one day we can meet at Clement park. Been doing ok with the Carp out there . Havenít figured the other fish out yet. I got 2 carp rods if you got a 2nd rod stamp.
 Reply by: cspishock      Posted: Sep. 16, 5:29:29 PM     Points: 3900    
Yes they are both medium action. I had discount put 8lb treline on both of them. I really am just a general use kinda guy I donít get out enough to be specialized. I mainly fish with kastmasters, rooster tails, hd trout and j-spec, flicker shad nothing really else. I will bait fish using a slip setup for the bottom and bobber/bubble for rising trout.

I would love to meet up with you. I have never been good at intentionally catching carp. I have tried corn, dough style baits but have never caught them on purpose. I always get em on crawlers when I am fishing for Walleye at Chatfield.
 Reply by: Smelly      Posted: Sep. 16, 6:04:08 PM     Points: 24252    
If thatís what your using. Definitely go with 6# . The 2 # difference will be noticeable. Iím no carp expert. But Iíve done the best at Johnson. Been trying to avoid the more popular lake this year. Covid has everybody playing outside this year. Most places are a zoo. Might be wise to wait for an all clear on the Covid But itís a standing invite. Anglerwanabe has my personal E Mail. You can contact him through his skipper link. Fri afternoons and Sat are good for me. And I have some Staycation time coming up end of Sept first of Oct if your not worried about Covid
 Reply by: bron      Posted: Sep. 16, 6:30:57 PM     Points: 38181    
That is a full day! Discount really does a great job setting you up on gear. Ive hit all the lakes that you went to except Fairview and had the same results. We did the Tightline carp tourny at Johnson and both times 100 carp were caught and none over 10#. We are planning something this weekend if you guys want to email my skipper link and have time.