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Ice shelter insight

Post By: Boynamedsous      Posted: 9/13/2020 8:35:42 AM     Points: 11    
I am looking for a lightweight, 1 man flip over shelter. The Recon by Frabil looks promising. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
 Reply by: Goosehunter82      Posted: Sep. 13, 8:46:52 AM     Points: 57145    
I've had numerous. The one thing I can say about the one man flip overs is I would get the kind that has a zip open door. Many of them just flip over. The problem with that is every time you have to get in and out you lose all of your warmth that you've built up in there also you can't pack the skirt to keep the warmth in and W out. The ones that I've owned I like the clam the best. They just seem like they're constructed a little bit better than the Frabill and the Eskimos.
 Reply by: johnski      Posted: Sep. 13, 9:48:32 AM     Points: 6374    
Personally, I like something a bit roomier and there are all sorts out there. I can comfortably fish two in my set up, plus have room for Lowrance, my cooler, bait and other gear. My set up uses a camo blind that I anchor into the ice. On a blue sky day, it heats up to shirt-sleeve weather. Good luck with your search.
 Reply by: Mike8484      Posted: Sep. 13, 8:05:55 PM     Points: 147    
I just picked up an older model recon. If you want to check it out let me know. I live right near Aurora Res.
 Reply by: Troutman      Posted: Sep. 13, 9:48:41 PM     Points: 62    
I have the Frabil trekker it seats 2 people but I fish out of it alone and appreciate the extra room. By the time you get all your gear in there space runs out fast. Only thing I donít like is the weight.
 Reply by: catchem      Posted: Sep. 13, 11:16:47 PM     Points: 124    
I bought a new hut two years ago and looked at all of the options at that time, and settled on the Clam Legend - it has extension poles with significantly increases the fishable area. Cabelas has a private label version too. I had a Scout for years, and this is so much nicer and more roomy. Enough room to run two rods, a flasher, a camera, and once in a while a heater. I have melted many a line trying to use a heater in my Scout. I also had a two man Clam for a while, but I have back problems, and hefting it into the truck became an issue. My Legend is super light because I did not install the rails and seat, instead I use a large camping chair, so the empty weight is under 40lbs. In my opinion I think Clam has a little better build quality than Eskimo or Frabill. Otter's are nice, I have an Otter pop up, but their flip huts are too heavy for my needs and pretty expensive.
 Reply by: Boynamedsous      Posted: Sep. 14, 11:38:48 AM     Points: 11    
Thanks to all of you for your input. It looks like I will investigate Clam options a little more. Let you know what I decide on.
 Reply by: MOJO      Posted: Sep. 14, 11:54:57 AM     Points: 741    
For me something like the Eskimo Fatfish 3i is best since it roomy enough, very light, easy to set up and has insulated material which helps in the lowest temps.
 Reply by: chodeman      Posted: Sep. 14, 2:17:14 PM     Points: 920    
I have the CLAM Nanook (2 person) but I removed the 2nd seat and the extra space makes it great. I truly love the unit!