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Recommendations Please!

Post By: Lil Dave      Posted: 9/10/2020 6:57:52 PM     Points: 106    
Looking at fishing Kayaks. They all seem Greek to me. I fish South Park a lot. What do I need to look for and what do I need to avoid in a fishing Kayak. $1000 or less if that is possible for a solid yak? Makes Models? Accessories?

Thank you!
 Reply by: fargingicehole      Posted: Sep. 10, 11:45:41 PM     Points: 24861    
South Park is my favorite place to take my kayak. But with the brutal winds that can show up at any time, you definitely want to look into a pedal drive kayak to give you a chance to get to safety more quickly. I've had a paddle kayak before and my arms are no match for the wind. You also want a sit-on-top kayak, which has scupper holes to drain water, rather than a sit-in kayak. Pedal kayaks are more gonna be over your budget, but not impossible to find used. Accessories are endless when it comes to customizing your kayak for your needs. I like doing tournaments, and have enough rod holders for up to 13 poles. I have enough battery power to last all day to run my sonar, my gopros, and to charge my phone. I have an Old Town Predator PDL which cost me $2800. I attached a couple recent videos of me in a wind storm at spinney in June, and then another video fishing 11 Mile with AWB two weeks ago. Feel free to message me anytime with anymore questions.

Spinney wind [log in for link]

11 Mile [log in for link]
 Reply by: D-Zilla      Posted: Sep. 11, 6:23:13 AM     Points: 2425    
Under 1000, but quality? Look at the Ascend units at BPS/Cabela's. You can get a solid kayak for around 700, leaving you money for the other things you'll NEED.

PFD, Paddle, anchor system, and storage crate. (you can find a free milk crate somewhere that will work just fine)

I own both a sit in and a sit on, and for fishing, I absolutely prefer the sit on. For South Park, DEFINITELY you'll want peddle drive. I surfed the mile in my sit in one day, it is NOT recommended. I think Pelican, and a few others get CLOSE to that 1000 mark for a peddle drive unit BUT I can't attest to the quality of them.

Hook up with the Colorado Kayak Fishing Club, and see if some will let you try out their boats. Get a feel for what is comfortable, and get what fits you best the first time, or you'll be upgrading quickly. I did. If it's considered a kayak, someone in that group will have one.

IF you'll accept used, they're out there but you have to keep an eye open and be ready to jump. Right now, stock is low and demand is insane so they move quick.
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: Sep. 11, 10:15:03 AM     Points: 8397    
x2 on what Lindsie and D-Zilla said...I have owned both paddle and peddle kayaks and fished out of them quite a bit up in the always exciting random storms that happen in South Park...although not as much as some of the other guys on here. You can fish quite comfortably from both and a lot more affordably from the paddle kayaks. There are quite a few quality brands of paddle kayaks under $1000. Headwaters Kayak on YouTube has done a ton of reviews on the quality of kayaks in all price ranges. I know that there are a couple of cheaper brands of peddle kayaks that have hit the market in the last two years that might get closer to your price range if you can find them used

However, the biggest issue that you will run into with a paddle kayak, especially up in South Park, is that when the wind gets will go where it wants you to go regardless of how hard you paddle. The first tournament that I fished at Spinney had one of the classic early afternoon storms kick up earlier than I anticipated. I had made it to the north end of the outhouse cove on the SW side of the lake where we had launched from and got pushed to the shore...lots of white caps and a rain/hail mix led to one of my dumber moments on the water. I felt like with the wind at my back I should easily be able to navigate across the final cove and get back to my truck. about 20 yards into the paddle, I start turning sideways. No matter how hard I paddled I could not turn the nose of the kayak to point in the right direction. I was basically a 13' bobber at the mercy of the wind. took about 20 minutes (or at least it felt that long) to drift sideways in the white caps to the other side of the cove.

After that I upgraded to a Predator PDL, same kind that Lindsie has, made more affordable by selling my Predator 13. I have been in similar situations at both Spinney and Antero in my PDL and been able to navigate thru the white caps without any issues. One reason being that my legs are a heck of a lot stronger than my arms are and with the peddle drive the prop is never out of the water...if it is then I have some bigger problems lol.

Sorry for the long story, you can easily fish SP lakes from either but you need to be a lot more mindful of where you are on the lake and when the storms are supposed to roll in with a paddle kayak. I tried to be sure to be on the right side of the lake an hour before everything is "supposed" to get windy or stormy.
 Reply by: panfishin      Posted: Sep. 11, 11:01:38 AM     Points: 8397    
Also, I would look for a wider kayak (paddle or peddle) as they should be more stable. Pretty much all of the fishing kayaks are either already set up for a myriad of accessories or they have areas like mounting plates on the sides where you can add gear tracks to add accessories or lock them in.

spend your money on a good PFD! I prefer the high back versions like the NRS Chinook. IMO they are more comfortable while sitting in the chair all day. If you go with a paddle kayak, get a good quality, light weight paddle The last thing you want to have happen is to get tired out by a heavy paddle and have to stop fishing early when they are biting. Also get or make a paddle leash of some kind...hopefully you don't need it but they can fall out..
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: Sep. 11, 2:09:07 PM     Points: 1816    
Check craigslist daily... it's end of season and you should find something - I found one for just over $1000 a month ago...

This one is close - you may be able to negotiate it down a bit: [log in for link]
 Reply by: malty falcon      Posted: Sep. 11, 3:05:08 PM     Points: 6858    
Lil Dave,
extra wide kayaks are great for stability, yes, but horribly heavy to lift by yourself. Before you purchase a big kayak, pedal drive or not, think carefully about how you're gonna move it truck or rooftop?

Pontoon boats can be disassembled to make them more manageable, but they take a lot longer to rig up on the lakeshore. A bunch of tradeoffs to consider.
 Reply by: Matt17Verse27      Posted: Sep. 11, 5:50:54 PM     Points: 251    
Literally there's one on Craiglist for $1200. Buy the time you see this itll probably be gone.
 Reply by: Lil Dave      Posted: Sep. 14, 8:29:03 AM     Points: 106    
Thank you for all the INFO!!

What ever I come with I have to double, the Wife will need one too. I will be using a roof rack on my camper or the truck bed.
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: Sep. 14, 8:37:49 AM     Points: 1816    
Also consider a quality inflatable kayaks - one or two person. They stow away easily and are easy for transport.