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Algae conditions at 11 mile and Tarryall

Post By: Saro      Posted: 8/31/2020 12:00:44 PM     Points: 0    
Does anyone know if there is toxic algae at 11 Mile and Tarryall? Also, is it save to eat fish and crawfish from places that have toxic algae?
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Aug. 31, 12:06:35 PM     Points: 59330    
No toxic algae at The Mile. I wouldn't eat anything that came from somewhere with the toxic algae.
 Reply by: ForestGnome      Posted: Aug. 31, 12:11:46 PM     Points: 65    
I haven't heard of toxic algae at 11 mile ever, although it does get green some years, and last month you could really see it starting this year.

As far as fish and B/G Algae, you're fine as long as you rinse them well, and your hands shortly after handling them too. It's not very problematic unless you're dragging them to shore over a mat of the stuff, getting them too coated to avoid. If numbers get too high though it's much easier to be problematic. For crustaceans, the meat is supposedly fine too but I'm be more hesitant since they can tend to live/eat where the algae builds up most (shallow and still water). It's not even that they absorb it, it's just that you're so much more likely to concentrate the stuff and possibly get a rash or something after lugging a bunch of algae covered and water holding bugs in to a cooler.

That said though, I specifically go to 11 mile for crawfish for this reason. It's a pretty darn clean lake for how close it is to the front range. I actually have a brand new pot coming today that I'm hoping to try this weekend.

 Reply by: lvrider      Posted: Aug. 31, 2:55:15 PM     Points: 63    
Where did you buy the pot?
 Reply by: FishHuntNow      Posted: Sep. 2, 7:22:26 AM     Points: 413    
ForestGnome, I agree with you, I've been trapping from 11 Mile for a bit over a month now and after purging and boiling in hot water it usually kills of any signs of algae. I haven't been sick from it, just be careful to anyone that may have a shellfish allergy.