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Lake: Brainard Lake - IPWA
Fish: Brook Trout

Brainard Lakes & Brookies

Post By: Forkin-Fish      Posted: 8/23/2020 3:05:59 PM     Points: 10    
Brainard lakes recreation area is crazy packed this year, but if you get there early and hike to Higher elevation lakes away from crowds you can fish pretty much alone. Likely see some moose and catch some brook trout. And great with eggs for brunch when you get home!
 Reply by: PerchJerker      Posted: 8/23/2020 6:19:26 PM     Points: 1322    
They do look very tasty! What methods did you use to catch them, if I may ask?
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: 8/23/2020 8:02:46 PM     Points: 6366    
 Reply by: Forkin-Fish      Posted: 8/23/2020 8:34:54 PM     Points: 10    
#0 Mepps spinners
 Reply by: MOJO      Posted: 8/24/2020 7:52:28 AM     Points: 490    
Great pix. I saw a show about the japanese ayu festival where they cook up ayu, which looked like brookies, simply bbq'd on a stick with some sea salt. I tried that with some Lefthand Res brookies and it was so fresh and tasty. I'd say these waters are some of the purest in the state, with their proximity to the divide.
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