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Lake: Vallecito Reservoir
Fish: Walleye

Vallecito walleye

Post By: Crippled Crawler      Posted: 8/17/2020 8:15:50 PM     Points: 3    
I was told the walleye population has gotten pretty good at Vallecito. Any truth to that. Headed up there in a couple weeks with some friends for the weekend and figured I would give it a try. Will be fishing from a boat and will try the islands on the east side. Any other info would be great. Thanks in advance.
 Reply by: fishscale      Posted: Aug. 18, 8:21:23 AM     Points: 203    
I'm not sure about the quantity but I know there are large walleye in Vallecito, but the only ones I've seen in person were dead ones floating on the surface. The islands would be a good place to start, and I'd also try some of the points on the east side of the lake and cover a lot of water until you find them.
 Reply by: Crippled Crawler      Posted: Aug. 18, 10:29:00 AM     Points: 3    
Is there any type of contour map that I could look at to get an idea on the structure there??
 Reply by: LastKast2010      Posted: Aug. 18, 3:45:05 PM     Points: 4281    
oh... Vallecito walleye
first off... very good population of walleye. They are VERY hard to catch for some reason. I have caught many in that lake.. most by accident. And mostly on a big jerkbait. i have heard of good fishing with good numbers night.
I did hear of a story of the Linder brothers coming out to try their luck. They fished all their secret walleye tips and ended uo with nothing. lol
Dont be turned off tho.. the pike fishing is good, and so is the smallies, and an occasional GIANT brown trout.
Message me and ill give you some more info.
 Reply by: LastKast2010      Posted: Aug. 26, 4:06:37 PM     Points: 4281    
slow now, but give it three weeks... fire!