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Lake: Brainard Lake - IPWA
Fish: Brown Trout

Pretty Brown & Nice Hike

Post By: Forkin-Fish      Posted: 8/3/2020 4:04:49 PM     Points: 10    
Had a nice hike up in the Brainard lakes region of IPWA. Water still nice and Icy cold up there. Nice fight and great color on this brown. Hope youíre all getting time in!
 Reply by: FishHuntNow      Posted: Aug. 3, 5:44:14 PM     Points: 437    
Nice hike up there it's been a few years since I've gone fishing there. You definitely have a pretty brook trout there and not a brown.
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Aug. 3, 10:26:59 PM     Points: 2355    
Nice brookie for sure! Well done.
 Reply by: Forkin-Fish      Posted: Aug. 4, 8:49:49 AM     Points: 10    
Oh! Thanks guys, Iím color blind and guess I didnít notice the different pattern on the dorsal fin, only way I can tell. Appreciate it!
 Reply by: mxtsinclair      Posted: Aug. 4, 1:39:46 PM     Points: 172    
I want to ask you a question and I by no means intend this to be rude or insensitive, it is purely curiosity so please don't take offense to it, and if it does then I apologize. I've always been curious of the way people with different conditions experience things, such as your case with colorblindness.

For me one of the big factors in my decision of a "favorite fish" is color, which is why the Brooke is my favorite. I wanted to ask if you had a favorite fish and what sort of things determine your favorite fish?

I realize there are many different types of colorblindness and color could still be a factor in deciding. Again just pure genuine curiosity.

Thanks and Congrats on the catch!
 Reply by: Forkin-Fish      Posted: Aug. 4, 10:32:33 PM     Points: 10    
Hey mxtsinclair, absolutely no offense taken. My favorite fish is the one on my hook, hahaha. Seriously that is a good question. I do see some colors but often see them ďwrongĒ like green looks brown, red looks green, I donít know Purple, everything in that spectrum is blue to me etc. So like for this fish, I could still tell it was pretty just donít see all the colors or the same way you would see them. Hope that helps and answers your question.
 Reply by: mxtsinclair      Posted: Aug. 5, 8:23:45 PM     Points: 172    
Forkin-Fish, thanks for the answer! That is pretty cool to hear, I love hearing how others experience things, it gives me a different perspective on things so many of us easily take for granted.

Thanks again!
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: Aug. 6, 8:10:53 AM     Points: 63    
Nice! Always good to get some good hiking and fishing in!