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Lake: Aurora Reservoir

Drowning at Aurora res

Post By: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: 7/31/2020 5:07:50 AM     Points: 8110    
Hear there was some kind of rescue at Aurora on Monday. I waited to get more info before posting this. Monday around 7:30 pm a man got into trouble on the water.Rescue was called and a search was started. Rescue crews found him and he was taken to a local hosptial where he was later pronounced dead.
HE had a PDF in the boat but was not wearing one.
This happened in the northwest corner of the dam . . ..
 Reply by: sylvan      Posted: Jul. 31, 7:56:18 AM     Points: 11236    
Dan he was in a 10' jonboat a big man it was windy and a wave knocked him out of his boat. Greg the kid your fishing with Saturday said he saw his equipment had washed up on the beach on Tuesday. Small boat big wind please wear a PFD Aurora can get nasty!
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jul. 31, 8:02:16 AM     Points: 8110    
Thanks Sylvan . . . .staff was tight lipped about it.I got the same from Gregg about the boat/gear on shore. We fished Aurora yesterday and got blown off by 10:30 am.
Talking about the wind . . .as we were loading out,another man was launching and even after we told him about the wind and how strong it was . . .he still went straight out to the middle of the lake . . .that bimini top of his sure makes a great sail . . . .the rangers boat was already pulling someone back from lonetree cove.
 Reply by: Wreckstar      Posted: Jul. 31, 8:37:55 AM     Points: 1129    
Dang, really sad to hear that. Shouldn't take something like this to remind us that a PFD does you no good on the floor of your boat.
 Reply by: skiman      Posted: Jul. 31, 9:47:58 AM     Points: 2352    
Sad to hear. Condolences to the mansí family and friends.
 Reply by: Team CO.F.F.      Posted: Jul. 31, 9:54:51 AM     Points: 57    
That's really unfortunate to hear😔
 Reply by: not too old to fish      Posted: Jul. 31, 10:03:56 AM     Points: 5235    
Why is common sense not so common? Seat belts in your car, PFD in your boat and facemasks when ever you are near people. It's still no guarantee it will save your life but sure does increase the odds in you favor.
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jul. 31, 11:10:13 AM     Points: 8110    
You can lead a horse to water,but you can't make it drink.
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: Aug. 1, 10:01:40 AM     Points: 5395    
One of the reasons a number of us warned the fellow about South Park Lakes and the wind that can come up in minutes. Itís even worse this time of year with the monsoons cranking up just about every day after 12-1:00. Even a good size Jon boat can be swamped with just one wave.
Itís well worth the $100 or so for a quality horse type life vest that is quite comfortable to wear all day.
BTW the 241/2Ē fish was released without a problem and swam away happy, I was very careful picking it up for the picture.
 Reply by: richw88      Posted: Aug. 1, 8:51:08 PM     Points: 18    
Looks like another at Chatfield Friday. The second this summer. Still looking for the body, A Navy guy from around here. Such a shame.

 Reply by: jdavis      Posted: Aug. 2, 4:03:30 PM     Points: 118    
I have made my PFD more like a utility belt than some PITA I have to wear. It has D rings on it that I can hook my mini minnkota remote and my kill cord to. I hated wearing the remote around my neck, so now I just leave it hooked to my PFD always. This keeps it off my neck and has me always remember to put it on.

Reading posts like this one about some old guy at Pueblo is what made me finally commit to wearing it all the time. Really sucks for this guy and his family, but hopefully he can be a lesson for someone else.
 Reply by: richw88      Posted: Aug. 2, 7:16:11 PM     Points: 18    
This type is comfortable and reliable. They come in manual and auto inflate.

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