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Crawfish and trout fishing

Post By: Saro      Posted: 7/29/2020 9:06:22 AM     Points: 0    
Hi all,
Do you have any recommendations for places to catch trout and crawfish close to Denver, maybe within 2 hour drive or so. Fishing from the shore, using live bait or PowerBait and crawfish trap would be ideal. I am new to fishing in Colorado and trying to figure out places and regulations. Any advice would be appreciated!
 Reply by: Hawaiian Punch      Posted: Jul. 29, 12:09:32 PM     Points: 8110    
Aurora res. has your craws and trout too.You can not trap craws with a trap,but we put bacon on a line and caught lots of craws last week.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Jul. 29, 1:33:48 PM     Points: 68    
11 Mile Res has big uns. Mini lobsters. You would need to check the regs on traps. I have seen many people using traps but many people do things which aren't by the book.
 Reply by: chodeman      Posted: Jul. 31, 5:38:34 PM     Points: 920    
The North ramp at Chatfield is loaded with Crawfish!
 Reply by: 3wayfisha      Posted: Jul. 31, 5:42:02 PM     Points: 265    
Just want to mention you cant use live bait (live fish like shiners) up in the mountains (above 7k i think?). 11 mile has big craws for sure, but honestly most lakes have some huge ones

ive gotten craws just as big as 11 mile ones out of gross res, green mtn res etc.. 11 mi may have a larger population of mini lobsters though but is probably a touch over 2hr drivefrom denver
 Reply by: Finstalker      Posted: Aug. 4, 6:27:28 PM     Points: 2    
ElevenMile is king. The limit is 50 and you must have a permanent metal tag on your trap that has your name, address, phone # and CID#. You can make traps very easily with a roll of 1/4 hardware cloth, pliers/dikes and some bailing wire. (See U-Tube) I make a bait packet out of the wire/cloth and stuff it with chicken livers. Throw trap out 10 from shore and fish at night with waders- need to get trap out from shore around shallow areas like Stoll Mountain. Check periodically and remove giants to cooler with 12v Zebco minnow aerator + lake water to keep fresh. BOIL AND EAT CRAWDADS WHILE DRINKING BEER WHEN HOME.
 Reply by: ScottyK      Posted: Aug. 4, 7:09:06 PM     Points: 139    
Mud bugs, crawfish are unlimited bag limits, not sure where you see limit of 50...checked cpw website and eleven mile regulations, the chart on cpw websight specifically says unlimited ..