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Fish: Walleye

Evening/night walleye

Post By: Megalodon      Posted: 7/20/2020 10:33:56 AM     Points: 0    
Still pretty new to walleye fishing and took a shot at some evening shore fishing yesterday, looking for any critique or suggestions about what to do next time.

Got out walking the shore about 8:00, found a point that went out into the lake a bit so I waded out maybe 30 yards to about knee deep and was thinking the light wind may push bait up against the shallow point and the little cove it created on one side. About 8:20-8:30 started hearing and seeing them hitting the surface, almost constant popping sounds. Caught 3 pretty quick, one about 15” other 2 maybe 10”, on a jig head with 3” watermelon curly tail. Nothing the rest of the night until I called it quits at 10. I threw a couple different color curly tails, don’t think I had really good “night” colors. Tried a 1/4 oz silver kastmaster, night crawlers on a bobber, some smaller panfish type spinners, but nothing after the first quick three. I did snag what I would just call a minnow, maybe a little over a 1/2” long. So figure that’s what they were eating, but couldn’t get anything in front of them close enough.

Is it worth throwing lures after sundown, or would it mostly be bait at that point? Anything else I coulda done or something I could add to my tackle box to help if I come across this again!
 Reply by: JKaboom      Posted: Jul. 20, 11:14:33 AM     Points: 4565    
Here's an article that you may find helpful:
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 Reply by: dang1      Posted: Jul. 22, 11:41:36 AM     Points: 0    
sure lures will work at times, if I snagged a shad/minnow I'd probably throw a minnow/shad imitation. put a gulp minow on that jig head and swim/jig in through there close to surface... , maybe a jerk bait, underspin, swim bait like a storm swim shad... lots of options
 Reply by: JIGORNAUT      Posted: Jul. 22, 3:54:34 PM     Points: 324    
Maybe try a #7 floating rapala, once upon a time I was fishing one of the local lakes in town, and someone fishing next to me told me there was a good bite going on at another lake, using a split shot and crawler on the bottom, on my way out to give the other lake a try, I picked up a couple #7 rapalas, I started fishing about sunset, with the crawler split shot rig on the bottom, while sitting there for a few hours while what I thought where baitfish hitting the surface, and no eyes to my name, I remembered the rapalas I picked up on my way out, threw one on the end of my line, and on the first cast, and nearly every cast there after, I caught a walleye, this went on from around midnight, to sunrise, I would have to say that was one of the best nights catching eyes I’ve ever had.